Borrote Karraama

Xaa qooli akatira borrote karraama ledi. Kuni doorshi afama dandaannohu Eesiyu afii irko Afuu qinaawo - Afoo dandeessamannohu hunda ikke doorshu hasaawi saaxine giddooti.

These commands can only be accessed after you enable support for Asian languages in - Language Settings - Languages.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Menu Format - Page Style - tab Text Grid, if Asian language support is enabled


Adds or removes a text grid for lines or characters to the current page style.

Karramate ofolla

Mittu mittunku qooli xuruura

Enter the maximum number of lines that you want on a page.

Mittu mittunku xuruuri fikiima

Enter the maximum number of characters that you want on a line.

Rooriidi kaimu borro bikka

Enter the maximum base text size. A large value results in less characters per line.

Rooriidi kiffala duume borro bikka

Enter the font size for the Ruby text.

Kiffala duume borro woroonni/kaimu borrora guraanni

Displays Ruby text to the left of or below the base text.

Karraama Leellishsha

Specifies the printing and color options of the text grid.

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