Insert Table

Inserts a table into the document. You can also click the arrow, drag to select the number of rows and columns to include in the table, and then click in the last cell.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

From the menu bar:

Choose Table - Insert Table

From the tabbed interface:

Choose Insert - Table - More Options.

Choose Home - Table - More Options.

From toolbars:

Icon Insert Table

Insert Table

From the keyboard:

+ F12

LibreOffice can automatically format numbers that you enter in a table cell, for example, dates and times. To activate this feature, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Table and click the Number recognition check box in the Input in tables area.

Addi addi sha'e gido, sha'ete shalagaanchi guma leelishi


Shaete su'ma eessi.


Shaete giddo heedhara hasirootto caccafo kiir eessi.

Haawiittaammate xuruura

Shaete giddo heerarara hasiratto hawiiccimmate xuruuri kiiro eessi.


Shaete doorsha qineessi.


Shaete giddo umishsha ledi.

Repeat heading rows on new pages

Shae mittu qooliwiinni sa'e layinki qooliwa kubbite sa'annoha ikkiro shaete umishsha aantaanchu qoolirano marro qolte wori.

Heading rows

Select the number of rows that you want to use for the heading. The spinbox accepts values up to one less than the number of rows being inserted.

Don't split the table over pages

Shae mittu qoolinni sa'annokki gede hooli.

List of table styles

Select a predefined style for the new table.

Bido Surki uduunni saaxine

Surki uduunni saaxine aana, Shae bido Surki Shae hasaawa fanate, xaa bortaje giddo shae surka dandaatto darga qiphis. Qolteno worbicho qiphisi, haawiittimmate xuruurinna caccafo shaete giddo worate doorate goshooshi, aanchite caccafote goofimarchira noo bisicco giddo qiphisi.

Icon Insert Table

Insert Table

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