Eo (horoonsiraanchu-woyyeesso mashalaqqishaancho)

Horoonsiraanchu-woyyeesso mashalaqqishaanchi giddo eote suudishsha badi.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

D'oh! You found a bug (text/swriter/00/00000404.xhp#verz35 not found).


Tiro aate hasirootto deerra doori.

Qaagishshu Bido

Horoonsiraanchu-woyyeesso mashalaqqishaano cinaancho qulfe di-irkkissanno.

Ganonna suudisamme

Ganote xuruuri xawisannohu mashalaqishaanchu giddo eo hiitto ikkite wole kissukki ofoltannorooti. Eote dagganno gara soorrate konni xuruuri aana noo mullicho saaxinera koode woy borro eessa dandaatto.Leddeno mullicho saaxine giddo woy koodete aana qolteno koodete qulfe qiphisi.

Borro eessi (E)

Inserts the text of the selected entry.

Giggishshu uurro (T)

Giggishshu uurro surki. Giggishshu uurrora massagaanch bixxille worate ,Wonshate fikiima saaxine giddo fikiima doori. Giggishshu uurro offollo soorrate Giggishshu uurro offollo saaxine giddo hornya ei, , woy kulaanch saaxine diri.

Qoolu kiiro (#)

Eessoottohura qoolu kiiro surki.

Heading info (HI)

Inserts heading information such as heading number or heading contents. Click on the HI icon to select what information to display.

Qooli xaadisaancho (LS and LE)

Creates a hyperlink for the part of the entry that you enclose by the opening (LS) and the closing (LE) hyperlink tags. On the Structure line, click in the empty box in front of the part that you want to create a hyperlink for, and then click this button. Click in the empty box after the part that you want to hyperlink, and then click this button again. All hyperlinks must be unique.


Applies the current settings to all levels without closing the dialog.

Fikiima Akata

Specify a character style for the selected icon in the Structure.


Dooramino fikiimi akata muccisa dandaattowa la'e hasaawa fani.


The next three options are available when the T icon is selected.

Fikiima wonshi

Horoonsira hasirattoha giggishshote massagaancho doori.

Giggishshu uurro ofollo

Qoolaho guraanni gatinsanni qaccenna giggishshate uurro mereero agurate xeertinye ei.

Qiniitira diri

Giggishshate uurro qiniitee gattanno qoolu qaccewa qolte diri.


The next two options are available when the HI icon is selected.

Heading info

Select the heading information to include in the index entry.

Show up to level

Enter the maximum number of levels to show of the heading number. For example, select “3” to show up to three levels. If the heading number has fewer than three levels, then the actual number is shown.


Giggishshate ofollo borgufote hulfo akati ledo soorrama dandiitanno

Giggishshote uurro " gurayidi hulfowiinni" hornya giggishshate akati aana doorre borgufote giddo xawinsoonni garinni soorrantanno gede ofoshshiishi. Hakkuyi ka’a giggishshote uurro ofoltannohu borrote gurayidi qccera gatanno bayichi garinniiti.

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