Variable fields let you add dynamic content to your document. For example, you can use a variable to reset the page numbering.

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Surki - Bare - Wole - Soorramaancho doori giggishsho


Lists the available field types.



Soorramaancho Qineessi

Defines a variable and its value. You can change the value of a variable by clicking in front of the variable field, and then choosing Edit - Field.

Soorramaancho Leellishi

Inserts the current value of the variable that you click in the Select list.

DDE bare

Gaammoonni su’mi widoonni rosaminonna hasiritto garinni yanneessate dandaatto gede DDE xaadisaancho bortajete giddo surki.

Afirimala Surki

Rosantino/soorrantannokitanna mittu gari kiiro surki, woy afirimalu guma surki.

Eote bare

Horoonsiraanchu Barera woy soorramaanote haaro hornya surki.

Eote bare giddo soorramaanchu hornyi addimmo heedhasira dandiitannohu surkinoonni bare kaiminninna albaagisinoha ikkiro callaati. Gedenoonni soorramaanchote hornya bortajete giddo soorrate, wole mittu dani su'mita eote bare surki, mittu dani su'mitalla ikkito ikkinina addi addi hornyita yaate. Ikkollana, Horoonsiraanchu bare hornyi Kalqete geeshsha soorramanno.

The variables are displayed in the Select field. When you click the Insert button, the dialog Review Fields appears, where you can enter the new value or additional text as a remark.

Kiirote mereero noo fanfe

Inserts automatic numbering for tables, graphics, or frames.

Set page variable

Qoolu kiiro galagalte kiirantannohu gedenoonni, bortajete giddo maqishshu naxiwe surki. Maqishshu naxiwe dandiitanno gede assate "fani" yaannoha doori, hattono maqishshu naxiwe dandiitannikki gede assate "cufi" yaannoha doori. Qolteno qoolu kiiraanchi babbaxitino kiironni hanafanno gede assate ofiseette eessate dandaatto.

Show page variable

Qoolu kiiro "Qoolu soorramaancho qineessi" maqishshi naxiwe giddonni tenne bare aana leellishi.

Horoonsiraanchu Bare

Woyyado kalqete soorramaancho surki. Ikkitote garinni soorram dandiitanno coyifooliishshora soorramaanchote tiro aate horoonsiraanchu bare horoonsira dandaatto. Horoonsiraanchu Bare soorratto woyite, bortajete giddo soorramaanchote baalanku lawishshoota yanneessamanno.


Lists the available fields for the field type selected in the Type list. To insert a field, click the field, and then click Insert.


To quickly insert a field from the Select list, hold down and double-click the field.


If a field is displaying a date, time or number, then Format is used to customize the appearance of the date, time, or number. Common formats are shown in the Format window, or click "Additional formats" to define a custom format.


Type the name of the user-defined field that you want to create. This option is available for "Set variable", "DDE field", "Number range" and "User Field" field types.


Horoonsiraanchu woyyeesso bare xaa/muli bortaje giddo calli soorramaanchooti.


Enter the contents that you want to add to a user-defined field.

Suudishshu dirto giddo, hornya harancho borro gede assine woy kiirote gede assine surkinoonniha ikkiro tiro uyi .


The following fields can only be inserted if the corresponding field type is selected in the Type list.

HTML bortaje giddo, wole ledonniti lame bare "Soorrancho Qineessi" barete daira afamanno: HTML_ON hattono HTML_OFF. Hornyu saaxine giddo borreessootto harancho borro fanaancho HTML badaanchi (<Value>)widira soorramannohu woy cufaancho HTML (</Value>) badaanchi widira soorramannohu fayile HTML bortaje gede ikkite suuqantanno woyite, ati doodhitto doorshi garinniiti.

DDE Statement

Xaphooma DDE hajajo ganallo: "<Server> <Topic> <Item>"ikkitanna, hakkiicho owaataancho DDE daata amaddino losiinsanni su'maseeti. Umu xawisannohu danu leellanno bayicho ikkanna (duucha hige rosminohu fayilete su'maati), danu leellishannohuno halaalaancho kaimu su'masiiti.

This option is only available if the "DDE field" field type is selected.


This option is only available if the "Insert Formula" field type is selected.


Barete giddo leellishate hasirootto borro borreessi. Darguamadaanchi bare surkitanni noottoro, ajote mu'lisaancho barete aana worte heedhe kaa'lote tugo gede assite leellishate hasirootto borro borreessi.


Qoolu kiiro barera loosiisa hasirootto kaimixeerto hornya eessi, lawishshu gedera "+1".

This option is only available if the "Set page variable" field type is selected.

Wirri assi

Hides the field contents in the document. The field is inserted as a thin gray mark in the document. This option is only available for the "Set Variable" and "User Field" field types.

With Heading Number

Use this option to display a heading number before a “number range” field. The heading number comes from a heading prior to the location of the field.

Up to level

With typical use of headings in the document, the selected number will indicate how many levels of heading number (starting from level 1) to display. The selected value indicates the maximum number of levels to show. The actual number may have fewer levels. For example, if the immediately prior heading number is 2.6, and 4 is selected, then only 2.6 is displayed . If [None] is selected, no heading number is displayed.


The heading number selected for display is the first prior heading whose outline level is equal to or less than the selected outline level. For example, select “2” to use the heading number of the first prior heading with outline level 1 or outline level 2.


Specify the character to use as a separator between the heading number and the field number.


With Heading Number, Up to level and Separator are only available for the “Number range” field type.


Adds the user-defined field to the Select list.

Icon Apply



Removes the user-defined field from the select list. You can only remove fields that are not used in the current document. To remove a field that is used in the current document from the list, first delete all instances of the field in the document, and then remove it from the list.



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