Depending on the field type that you select, you can assign conditions to certain functions. For example, you can define a field that executes a macro when you click the field in the document, or a condition that, when met, hides a field. You can also define placeholder fields that insert graphics, tables, frames and other objects into your document when needed.

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ISurki - Bare - Wole - Assishsha doori tab


Lists the available field types.



Ikkitote garinni soorrantanno borro

Borro gama ikkito taaltuha woy xaadduha ikkiro surki. Lawishshu gedera, "sen ti 1" yaannoha Ikkitote saaxine giddo eessi, aanchiteno eessattora hasirootto borro "Sen" taalo ikkanno "1" Qoleno saaxine yaannowa eessa hasirootto woyite yaate. Hasirittoha ikkiro, borro tini ikkito darga Wolena yitanno saaxine giddo darga gana woy xaada hooggeenna leellishate hasiroottota eessa dandaatto. "sen" yitanno soorramaancho tirate woy xawisate, Soorramaancho giggishsha qiphisi, "soorramaancho qineessi" doori, "sen" yaannoha Su'mu saaxine giddo borreessi, aantete hornyasi Hornya ytanno saaxine giddo borreessi.

Eote dirto

Inserts a text field that displays one item from a list. You can add, edit, and remove items, and change their order in the list. Click an Input list field in your document or press +Shift+F9 to display the Choose Item dialog.

Eote bare

Bortajete giddo qiphisate fana daandaatto borro bare surki. Qolteno leeltino borro soorra dandaatto.

Makiro loosi

bare bortajete giddo qiphisatto woyite maakiro harissannota borrote bare surki. maakiro barete gaamate, Maakiro ilka qiphisi.


Bortajete giddo darguamadaanchi bare surki, lawishshu gede, giraafishshaho. bortajete giddo darguamadaanchi bare qiphisatto woyite, hawamino dana surkate feeffatootto yaate.

Maaxancho borro

Inserts a text field that is hidden when the condition that you specify is met. To use this function, choose - LibreOffice Writer - View and clear the Hidden text check box.

Maaxancho borgufo

Hides a paragraph when the condition that you specify is met. To use this function, choose - LibreOffice Writer - View and clear the Hidden paragraphs check box.

Fikiima karsiisi

6 Fikiimi geeshsha karsiisi, kuni karsiisitto fikiimi mittu fikiimi gede ikke loosanno. Kuni akati afamannohu Isiyu borrangichi kaa'lamanno woyiteeti.


The following fields can only be inserted if the corresponding field type is selected in the Type list.


Assishshu barera, suudisammete bare horoonsi'nannihu darguamadaanchi dani barera callaati. Kowiicho, suudisamme keentannohu darguamadaanchi riqiwanno uduunnichooti.


Bare Ikkitote ledo xaadisate, wonshiworo koye wori .

Aantete, Wole

Enter the text to display when the condition is met in the Then box, and the text to display when the condition is not met in the Else box.

Qolte ka'eno daatabeezete bare Aantete nna Wole saaxinna giddo "daatabeezesu'ma.shaetesu'ma.baretesu'ma"horoonsidhe surka dandaatto.


Daatabeezete giddo shaete su'mi woy barete su'mi hoogi ikkiro, mittorenno surkitooti.


"Daatabeezesu'mi.shaetesu'mi.barete su'mi" giddo addi addiha malaate eessoottoha ikkiro, xawishshu borrote gede ikke surkamanno.


Barete giddo leellishate hasirootto borro borreessi. Darguamadaanchi bare surkitanni noottoro, ajote mu'lisaancho barete aana worte heedhe kaa'lote tugo gede assite leellishate hasirootto borro borreessi.


Bare qiphisatto woyite harisate hasirootto maakiro doori.

Maakiro su'ma

Doorantino maakiro su'ma leellishi.


Darguamadaanchi bare giddo daggara hasirootto borro borreessi.

Maaxancho borro

Ikkito xaaddeenna woy darga ganteenna maaxa hasirootto borro borreessi.


Karsiisate hasirootto fikiima eessi. Batirayi batiriro kasiisattohu 6 fikiimaati. Kuni doorshi afamannohu fikiima karsiisi bare danira callaati.


Dooratino barera hornya eessi.


Maakiro Doorsaasinchofani, Maakiro dandaattowa harisanno bortajete giddo doorantino bare qiphisatto woyite doori. This button is only available for the "Execute macro" function field.

Konni woroonni noo qorqoraasine leeltannohu Eote dirto bareraati:


Haaro dana eessi.


Dana dirtote eessi woy ledi.

Dirtote aani dani

Dana diri. Rooreho roore dana bortajete giddo leellishanni.


Dirtote giddonni dooramino dana huni.

Umira Goshooshi

Dirtote giddonni dooramino dana umira goshooshi.

Worora Goshooshi

Dirtote giddonni dooramino dana worora goshooshi.


Eote dirtorabaxxino su'ma eessi.

Dana Doori

Konne hasaawa leellinshannihu bortajete giddo Eote dirto barete qiphisatto woyiteeti.

Choose the item that you want to display in the document, then click OK.


Displays the Edit Fields: Functions dialog, where you can edit the Input list.


Closes the current Input list and displays the next, if available. You see this button when you open the Choose Item dialog by +Shift+F9.

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