Inserts a field at the current cursor position. The dialog lists all available fields.

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Choose Insert - Field - More Fields


Surki uduunnigaxi aana, qiphisi


Bare Surki

Barete Daotira


Fields are used to insert information about the current document, for example, file name, template, statistics, user data, date, and time.


Kuni maqishsha woy maqishshinoonni bare xaa bortajera surkinanniwaati. Maqishshubba mittu dani bortaje giddo woy mitte annata bortajera cinaancho ikkitanno bortaje giddo maqishshinoonnireeti.

Barete gede assine xaadimaqishsha surka kaa'litannohu bortaje soorratto yanna tuqa mashalaqqishaancho angatenni soorritanni mitii'mattokki gedeeti. Bare bayichonko F9 ledo yanneesite aanchite bortajete giddo noo maqishshano hattonni yanneessi.


Depending on the field type that you select, you can assign conditions to certain functions. For example, you can define a field that executes a macro when you click the field in the document, or a condition that, when met, hides a field. You can also define placeholder fields that insert graphics, tables, frames and other objects into your document when needed.


DocInformation fields contain information about the properties of a document, such as the date a document was created. To view the properties of a document, choose File - Properties.


Variable fields let you add dynamic content to your document. For example, you can use a variable to reset the page numbering.


You can insert fields from any database, for example, address fields, into your document.


Dooritto bare xaa wirso offollo bortaje surki. Hasaawwa cufate, Cufi yitanno qulfe qiphisi.

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