Enveloppete aannohunna galagale higate teessosi eessi. Qolteno teessote bare daatabeezenni surka dandaatto, lawishshu gedera Teessote daatabeezinni.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Insert - Envelope - Envelope tab

Sokka adhaahu

Enter the delivery address. You can also click in this box, and select a database, a table, and field, and then click the arrow button to insert the field in the address. If you want, you can apply formatting, such as bold and underline, to the address text.


Includes a return address on the envelope. Select the Sender check box, and then enter the return address. LibreOffice automatically inserts your user data in the Sender box, but you can also enter the data that you want.


Surkate hasiroottoha teesso daata amadino daatabeeze doori.


Surkate hasiroottoha teesso daata amadino daatabeeze shae doori.

Daatubeeze bare

surkate hasiroottoha teesso daata amadino daatabeeze bare doori, aanchite guraayidi worbichi ilka qiphisi. Wirsa amaddino daatu teessote saaxinera ledamanno.

Balaxileelishate bare

Displays a preview of the current selection.

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