Adds the chapter number to the caption label. To use this feature, you must first assign an outline level to a paragraph style, and then apply the style to the chapter headings in your document.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Insert - Caption - Options

Eigaru mayino fani - Kulaancho borro - Dooro doori

Fooliishshotenni Kiiro soma

Kulaancho borro somaasinchira fooliishshote kiiro ledittoha ikkiro, kulaancho borrora kiirote some fooliishshote umishshi gurcho ikkanno woyite galagalte qineessi. Lawishshu gedera, fooliishsho 1 giddo goofimarchu misile "Misile 1.12" ikkituro, aantanno fooliishshora umi misile "Misile 2.1" ikkitanno.


Select the number of outline levels from the top of the chapter hierarchy down to include in the caption label.


Enter the character that you want to insert between the chapter number and the caption number.

Fuulanna xiyyote suudisamme

Fikiimu Akata

Fikiimu akata badi.

Qaccenna caale loosiisi

Applies the border and shadow of the object to the caption frame.

Adding Chapter Numbers to Captions

Kulaancho borruwwahoroonsi'ra

Chapter Numbering

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