Inserts a footnote or an endnote in the document. The anchor for the note is inserted at the current cursor position. You can choose between automatic numbering or a custom symbol.

The following applies to both footnotes and endnotes.

Footnotes are inserted at the end of a page, and endnotes are inserted at the end of a document.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Insert - Footnote and Endnote - Footnote or Endnote

Eigaru mayino fani - choose Lekaalli qaagishsha doori/Umiidi qaagishsha(Surkamino lekkaalli qaagishhsha/Umiidi qaagishsha)

Surki uduunnu-gaxa fani, qiphisi


Noo gedeenni Lekkaalli qaagishsha surki

Kiiro soma

Lekkaalliqaagishshiranna jeefoteqaagishshira horoonsirate hasiroottota kiiro somate dana doori.


Automatically assigns consecutive numbers to the footnotes or endnotes that you insert. To change the settings for automatic numbering, choose Tools - Footnotes and Endnotes.


Choose this option to define a character or symbol for the current footnote. This can be either a letter, number or special character.


Inserts a special character as a footnote or endnote anchor.


Lekkaalliqaagishsha woy jeefo teqaagishsha surkateetiro badde doori. Jeefoteqaagishshi kiiro soma lekkaalliqaagishshi kiiro somate badanno.

Lekkaalli qaagishsha

Inserts a footnote anchor at the current cursor position in the document, and adds a footnote to the bottom of the page.

Jeefote qaagishsha

Inserts an endnote anchor at the current cursor position in the document, and adds an endnote at the end of the document.

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