Kifile Surki

Inserts a text section at the cursor position in the document. You can also select a block of text and then choose this command to create a section. You can use sections to insert blocks of text from other documents, to apply custom column layouts, or to protect or to hide blocks of text if a condition is met.

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Surki - Doora doori

Surka fani uduuni-giggishsho, qiphisi

Icon Section


Wo'manta bortaje kifile giddo surka dandaatto, woy su'ma uyinoonni kifile woletewiinni surka dandaatto. Qoleno kifile DDE xaadisaanchu gede assite surka dandaatto.

Kifile muccisate, Suudisa - Kifilladoori.

Surkate Kifile hasaawi konni woroonni noo giggishsha amadin:


Sets the properties of the section.


Specifies the number of columns and the column layout for a page style, frame, or section.


Kifilete gurayidinna qiniitiidi qacce hulfamme.

Set the fill options for the selected drawing object or document element.


Specifies where footnotes and endnotes are displayed as well as their numbering formats.


Bortajete giddo xa wirsu ofollinowa tiro oottowa kifile surki.

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