.AutoText Kalaqi, muccisi, woy surki. Suudisantino borro, borro giraafishshu ledo, shaenna bare AutoText gede assite kuusa dandaatto. AutoText rahe surkate, bortajekki giddo AutoTextera muraasa attami,aantete F3 xiiwi.


Worbicho Surki yaanno gaxira noo AutoText bido aanchite qiphisa dandaatto, qolteno surkate hasiratto AutoText doori.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

From the menu bar:

Muccisi - QixxaawoBorro doori

From the tabbed interface:

Choose Insert - AutoText.

On the Insert menu of the Insert tab, choose AutoText.

From toolbars:

Icon AutoText


From the keyboard:

+ F3

Uminni Borro Horoonsi'ra


AutoText Hasaawi dirto AutoText fuulanna eo.

Attammayi hee'neenna gatanno su'mira hedo worroonnita leellishi

Displays a suggestion for completing a word as a Help Tip after you type the first three letters of a word that matches an AutoText entry. To accept the suggestion, press Enter. If more than one AutoText entry matches the letters that you type, press +Tab to advance through the entries. For example, to insert dummy text, type "Dum", and then press Enter.

To display the list in reverse order, press +Shift+Tab.


Lists the name of the currently selected AutoText entry. If you have selected text in the document, type the name of the new AutoText entry, click the AutoText button, and then choose New.


Displays the shortcut for the selected AutoText entry. If you are creating a new AutoText entry, type the shortcut that you want to use for the entry.

Dirote Saaxine

Qixxaawa borro fuula diri. Qixxaawa borro eo fuulise giddo la”ate,fuulu hakkuyi aana lameegge qiphisi,woy ledishshu malaatie (+) fuulu albbaanni qolte qiphisi.Xaa woy mili kawi bortajera qixxaawa borro surkate, dirtote giddonni ei yaannoha doori,aantete surkiyaannohura qiphisi.


Qixxaawo borro eo mittuwiinni goshooshshe wolenniwa massa dandaatto.


Doorantinota Qixxaawa borro xaa woy muli kawi bortaje giddo surki.


Suuqatenna kuusate hajajjanno woy aniformate ikkitinota qixxaawa borro borgufote giddo surkittoro,eo hatti xaa woy muli kawi borgufo gedee akata amadde suudisantanno.


Hasaawa cufe baala sooro suuqi.

Qixxaawo borro

Click to display additional AutoText commands, for example, to create a new AutoText entry from a text selection in the current document.


Creates a new AutoText entry from the selection that you made in the current document. The entry is added to the currently selected AutoText category. You must first enter a name before you see this command.

Haaro (borro calla)

Creates a new AutoText entry only from the text in the selection that you made in the current document. Graphics, tables and other objects are not included. You must first enter a name before you see this command.


Copies the selected AutoText to the clipboard.


Replaces the contents of the selected AutoText entry with the selection that was made in the current document.

Su'ma soorri

Su’ma soorri yitanno Qixxaawo borro hasaawa fani, doorantino Qixxaawo borro eora su’ma soorrate injaannohewa.


Doorantino miila huni miila balaxe hawaqiri.


Opens the selected AutoText entry for editing in a separate document. Make the changes that you want, choose File - Save AutoText, and then choose File - Close.


Maakiro Gaami hasaawafani, maakiro doorantino Qixxaawa borro eo ledo xalloottowa.

Kalaqootto Qixxaawo borro giddo mite aamantino Qixxaawo borro eo ledo xaaddinota maakiro horoonsira dandaatto. Qixxaawa borro eo kalaqma noosehuno "borro call" yaanno doorshi ledooti. Lawishshu gedera, naanni-fikiima Qixxaawo borro eo giddo surki, <field:company> $[offiise su'ma] aantete naanni-fikiima fiixooma woy mittimma amade hara dandiitanno amado daatabeeze barenni riqiwi.


Opens a dialog where you can select the 97/2000/XP Word document or template, containing the AutoText entries that you want to import.


Adds, renames, or deletes AutoText categories.

Fuula Muccisi

Adds, renames, or deletes AutoText categories.


Displays the name of the selected AutoText category. To change the name of the category, type a new name, and then click Rename. To create a new category, type a name, and then click New.


Displays the current path to the directory where the selected AutoText category files are stored. If you are creating an AutoText category, select where you want to store the category files.


Creates a new AutoText category using the name that you entered in the Name box.

Su'ma soorri

Changes the name of the selected AutoText category to the name that you enter in the Name box.

Doorshu dirto

Lists the existing AutoText categories and the corresponding paths.


Doorantino miila huni woy miila keeniweelo buuxe.


Muccisu harumi hasaawa fani, Qixxaawo borro kuusate furcho doora dandaattowa.

Qixxaawo borro furhora haaro haruma ledate,Qixxaawo borro hasaawi giddo Haruma yaanno ilka qiphisi.

Xaadisaancho shiqannowa suuqi

Konne darga $[offiise su'ma] qineessate doogo Qixxaawo borro harumira xaadisaancho surki.

Fayilete amuraate

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