Owaataanchu Xunso

On the - LibreOffice Writer - Mail Merge Email tab page, click the Server Authentication button to specify the server security settings.

Gobbara hadhanno sokka owaataanchi (SMTP) xunso shiqishanno

Enables the authentication that is required to send email by SMTP.

Gobbara hadhanno sokka owaataanchi (SMTP) baxxitino xunso shiqishanno

SMTP owaataanchikki horoonsiraanchu su'ma nna saiqaale shiqishiro doori.

Horoonsiraanchu su'ma

SMTP owaataanchira horoonsiraanchu su'ma ei.


Horoonsiraanchu su'mira saiqaale ei.

Gobbara hadhanno sokka owaataanchi mittu dani xunso dagganno sokka gede horoonsiranno.

Select if you are required to first read your email before you can send email. This method is also called "SMTP after POP3".

Owaataanchu su'ma

POP 3 woy IMAP sokka owaataanchira owaataanchu su'ma ei.


POP3 woy IMAP owaataanchi aana lawote su'ma ei.


Dagganno sokka owaataanchi POP 3horoonsirasi badanno.


Dagganno sokka owaataanchi IMAP horoonsirasi badanno.

Horoonsiraanchu su'ma

IMAP owaataanchira horoonsiraanchu su'ma ei.


Saiqaale ei.

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