Bortajete gadete afubba nna boode woloota baadi qineessubba tiranno.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose - Language Settings - Languages.

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Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.


Horoonsiraanchu reqecciimo

Horoonsiraanchu reqecciimora kaa'lanno afoo doori, Lawishshaho mayinubba, hasaawubba, irkote fayilla. Ajanna mitto ledote afii usura woy batinyu afuubbi LibreOffice laalcho baisiisa noohe.

Loosate amuraatira "Gadete" eo horoonsiraanchu reqecciimo afoo dooranno. Kuni afii LibreOffice bayisiishshi giddo heera hoogiro, LibreOffice bayisiishshi afii gadete afooti.

Baadi qineesso

Specifies the locale setting of the country setting. This influences settings for numbering, currency and units of measure.

The "Default" entry selects the locale which name is reported by the operating system.

Soorro tenne bare giddo rakke kalaqantanno. Ikkolla nna, Bortaje haaroote hogowanturo boode suudishubba gadete soorronni calla suudisantino.

Tonnishshu badaanchi qulfe - baadi qineesso garinni

Kiirote badiri aana aantino qulfe xiiwatto yannaraamuraatikki giddo qinaabbinota tonnishshu badaanchi qulfe horoonsirate badanno.

Buuxotesaaxine baqqisanturo, "Baadi qineesso ledo mittoho" gedensaanni leellino fikkiimi kiirote badiri aana qulfe xiiwatto yannara surkamanno. Tini buuxotesaaxine baqqisama hoogguro, Keyboordete oofaanchi softweera fikiimisurkamme aanno.

Gadete womaashsha

Specifies the default currency that is used for the currency format and the currency fields. If you change the locale setting, the default currency changes automatically.

Gadete eo doorantino baadi qineessora gaamaminoha womaashshu suudishira loosamino.

Gadete womaashshi bare giddo soorrobaala fano bortajubbarasa'anno nna hasaabbate giddo aantanno soorrubba hakkuri bortajubba giddo womaashshu suudishsha qorqortanno bidubba massaganno.

Date acceptance patterns

Specifies the date acceptance patterns for the current locale. Calc spreadsheet and Writer table cell input needs to match locale dependent date acceptance patterns before it is recognized as a valid date. Default locale dependent date acceptance patterns are generated during build time, but it is possible to add more or modify them in this edit box.

Additionally to the date acceptance patterns defined here, every locale accepts input in an ISO 8601 Y-M-D pattern, and since LibreOffice 3.5 that also leads to the YYYY-MM-DD format being applied.

Syntax: Y means year, M means month, and D means day, regardless of localization.

Bortajubbate gadete afuubba

Specifies the languages for spelling, thesaurus and hyphenation.

Bortajete Afii Dooramme


Fidaletebuuxo hasiissanno afuu mojule bayisiisatto woyite assiishshaho calla afoo dooranno. Hakko afiira fidalishu buuxo baqisanturo borangichu giddo afuu eo buuxote malaate afidhino.


Specifies the language used for the spellcheck function in western alphabets.


Specifies the language used for the spellcheck function in Asian alphabets.


Specifies the language for the complex text layout spellcheck.

Xaa bortajera calla

Specifies that the settings for default languages are valid only for the current document.

Woyyaawa afuu irko

Show UI elements for East Asian writings

Activates Asian languages support. You can now modify the corresponding Asian language settings in LibreOffice.

Chayinu, Jaappaanete woy kooriyu afiinni borreessa hasirtoro, horoonsiraanchu reqecciimo giddo hakkuri afuubbara baqqisa dandaatto.

Show UI elements for Bi-Directional writing

Activates complex text layout support. You can now modify the settings corresponding to complex text layout in LibreOffice.

Afuubba Xurqa Borrote ofolla horoonsira

Ignore system input language

Indicates whether changes to the system input language/keyboard will be ignored. If ignored, when new text is typed that text will follow the language of the document or current paragraph, not the current system language.


Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.

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