Defines formula settings that will be valid for all documents.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Open a Math document, choose - LibreOffice Math - Settings.

Doorubba attami


Specifies whether you want the name of the document to be included in the printout.

Afirimalu borro

Specifies whether to include the contents of the Commands window at the bottom of the printout.


Attamammete giddo afirimalu dargira shaalado faro loosaansanno. Umo nna Afirimalu borro Antino buuxote saaxine baqqisanturo xiyyotenni calla woroora qineessi.

Atamate suudishsha

Orijinaale bikka

Prints the formula without adjusting the current font size. It is possible that with large formulas a part of the command text is cut off.

Bikkaho qixxisi

Adjusts the formula to the page format used in the printout. The real size will be determined by the used paper format.


Reduces or enlarges the size of the printed formula by a specified enlargement factor. Type the desired enlargement factor directly in the Scaling control, or set the value using the arrow buttons.

Woloota doorubba

Xuruuru goofimarchira ~ nna ' hawi

Specifies that these space wildcards will be removed if they are at the end of a line. In earlier versions of LibreOffice, adding such characters at the end of a line prevented the right edge of the formula from being cut off during printing.

Malaatta calla horoonsirate duwamme (shiima fayile bikka)

Hakko afirimali giddo horoonsirootto mitto mittonka afirimalinni hakkuriu malaatta calla suuqanno. LibreOffice hundi laalchubba giddo, baala malaatta mittu mittunku afirimalinni suuqantino.

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