LibreOffice Calc ra afirimalu ganallo doorubba tiranno.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Open a spreadsheet document, choose - LibreOffice Calc - Formula.

Afirimalu doorubba

Afirimaalu ganallo

Sase doorubba no. Hanni lawishshunni la'no. Akeeku isipiriideshitte giddo lame shituwa, Shite1 Shitte2 no. Shitte1 giddo bisicco A1 shitte2 C4 bisicco maqishshaati.

Ingilizete assiishshi su'muwa horoonsiri

LibreOffice Calc assiishshi su'muwa baadisama dandiitanno. Gadetenni, Buuxote saaxine cufanturo, baadisamme assiishshi su'muwa kaa'litanno. Tini buuxote saaxine buuxamme badisamino assiishshi su'muwa Ingilizete soorrotanno. Tini soorro baalu aantanno dargubba giddo heleelle afidhino: eote nna leellishate, assiishshu kaa'laanchi, nna afirimalu qaccuwa. Badhera badisamino assiishshi su'muwiwa harate buuxa agura dandaatto.


Tini doorote gaamo afirimalki shallagote handaarra giddo badaano qineessate ka'litannohe. Kunino, lawishshaho, assiishshu eishshubbakki ledote malaati (;) darga taxxeessunni bada hasiratto (,)yannara angara daanno.

Lawishshaho, =SUM(A1;B1;C1) darga =SUM(A1,B1,C1)borreessa dandaatto.

Hattono, caccafote nna haawiittimmate badaano giddo-xuruuri dirira soorra dandaatto. Albaanni giddo-xuruuri diri ledote malaatta (;) caccafote badaano gede nna (|) malaate haawiittimmate badaano gede horoonsiranno, ikkinohura danu giddo-xuruuri diri 5 x 2 gede matirkisete dirira la"amanno:


Caccafote badaano taxxeessaho (,) nna haawiittimmate badaano ledote malaatira (;)soorratenni, mittu dani shallagote handaarra mimmito labbanno:


Detailed Calculation Settings

Sets the rules for conversion from strings values to numeric values, string values to cell references, and strings values to date and time values. This affects built-in functions such as INDIRECT that takes a reference as a string value or date and time functions that takes arguments as string values in local or ISO 8601 formats.

Recalculation on File Load

Recalculating formulas can take significant time while loading very large files.

Excel 2007 and newer:

Loading a large spreadsheet file can take a long time. If you don't need to update your large spreadsheet data immediately, you can postpone the recalculation at a better time. LibreOffice allows you to defer recalculation of Excel 2007 (and above) spreadsheets to speedup loading time.

ODF Spreadsheet (not saved by LibreOffice):

Recent versions of LibreOffice caches spreadsheet formula results into its ODF file. This feature helps LibreOffice to recalculate a large ODF spreadsheet saved by LibreOffice faster.

For ODF spreadsheets saved by other programs, where such cached formula results may not exist, recalculation can be deferred to speedup file loading as with Excel 2007 files.

For the entries above the following choices are possible:


LibreOffice saved ODF spreadsheets will honor Never recalculate and Always recalculate options.

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