Specifies general settings for text documents.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Open a text document, choose - LibreOffice Writer - General.


Hogowammete yannara xaadisaano yanneessi


Settings for automatic links updates stored in documents are ignored for security reasons. Link updates are always bounded by LibreOffice Security settings in - LibreOffice – Security.

Baala woyite

Always updates links while loading a document, and only if the document is in a trusted file location or the global security level is Low (Not recommended).


This setting is treated as On request unless either the global macro security level is set to Low in - LibreOffice - Security - Macro Security... - Security Level - Low (not recommended) or the document is located in a trusted place defined by - LibreOffice - Security - Macro Security... - Trusted Sources - Trusted File Locations.

Xa'mote aana

Updates links only on request while loading a document.


Links are never updated while loading a document.



The contents of all fields are updated automatically whenever the screen contents are displayed as new. Even with this box unchecked, some fields are updated each time a special condition takes place. The following table lists the fields that are updated without regard to this checkbox.


Umi-loosaanchinni yanneessantini dirtubba

Bortajete attamamme (qoleno PDF garinni soqqama)

Author, Sender, Heading, Date, Time, References, Last printed

Bortaje wirro hogowa

Author, Sender, Heading, Date, Time

Bortajete suuqamme

Fayilete su'ma, Isitasitikise, Bortajete kiirro, Muccisate yanna, Soorramme

Bare noo darga borrote xuruura muccisa

Author, Sender, Heading, Date, Time

Angatenni soorrantino soorramaancho

Ikkitote borro, Maaxantino borro, Maaxantino borgufo, Variables, DDE bare

"Qixxisantino amado" xoyiissa

Borreessaancho, Sowaancho, baala taje barubba

Qoolu kiiro sooorrammme



Specifies whether to automatically update charts. Whenever a Writer table cell value changes and the cursor leaves that cell, the chart that displays the cell value is updated automatically.


Bikkote safaro

Specifies the unit of measurement for text documents.

Giggishshu uurrubba

Specifies the spacing between the individual tab stops. The horizontal ruler displays the selected spacing.

Chaartete safaro dandeessi

Tini qineesso dandeessanitanno yannara, Suudishshu - Borgufote - Hullubbate & Foonqete giggishshi fikiimu (ch) nna xuruuru aana fooqqanno.

Borrote kaarrimmara isikoore qoola horoonsiri

Tini qineesso dandeessanitanno yannara, Borrote kaarrimma isikoore qoola labbanno. Isikoore qooli qoolu ofolla dana ikke rosaano Chayinu nna Jaappanete borgufubba borreessate kaa'litanno.

Word count

Additional separators

Specifies the characters that are considered as word separators when counting words, in addition to spaces, tabs and line and paragraph breaks.

Show standardized page count

Editors and publishers often define a “standard” page as containing a specified number of characters or words. Mark this field to allow quick calculation of the number of these pages.

Characters per standardized page

Set the number of characters for the standardized page.

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