Defines the attributes of tables in text documents.

Caccafubbate nna haawiittimmootu nna shaete garira gadete qineessuba badanno. Qoleno hadhanno nna surkantanno caccafootira nna haawiittimootira margeessu hornyuwa badanno. Ledote tajera giddo lai.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose - LibreOffice Writer/LibreOffice Writer/Web - Table.


Borrote bortajubba giddo baala haroote kalaqantino shaubbara gadubba tiranno.


Specifies that the first row of the table is formatted with the "Table heading" Paragraph Style.

Mittu mittunku qooli aana wirro ledi

Specifies whether the table heading is carried over onto the new page after a page break.

Beekkooti (HTML giddo ikkikkinni)

Specifies that tables are not split by any type of text flow break. You can also find this option in menu Table - Properties - Text Flow.


Specifies that table cells have a border by default.

Shaubbate giddo eo

Kiirote afansha

Specifies that numbers entered into a text table cell are recognized and formatted as numbers. Table cells in LibreOffice Writer can recognize a number when it is represented in one of the number formats available in categories of Numbers, Percent, Currency, Date, Time, Scientific, Fraction and Boolean.

The recognized number is displayed with default number format for table cells, and sets the cell format to the recognized category. For example, if a number is recognized as Date, the cell format category is set to Date. You can set a specific number format for the cell, for example, a date entered as 8/3/2018 displays as Thursday March 8, 2018 when the cell number format is set to "Friday, December 31, 1999" in the Number Format dialog.


Recognized Date and Time numbers are converted to internal date and time serial values. Percent numbers are converted internally to their numeric values. Boolean values are converted internally to 0 or 1.

When an input cannot be recognized as a number, the number category changes to Text and the input is not changed.

Kiirote afanshi malaatisama hoogiro, kiirra borrote suudishshi giddo suuqantino nnauminsanni guraanni-dirantino.

Kiirote suudishshi afansha

If Number format recognition is not marked, only input in the format that has been set at the cell is accepted. Any other input resets the format to Text.

For example, if a cell contains a date value and has its cell format as date, a new input of a percent value in the cell set the cell format to Text and the percent input number is not recognized.

When Number format recognition is marked, input numbers sets the cell format to the recognized number category.


Specifies that numbers are always bottom right aligned in the cell. If this field is not marked numbers are always top left aligned in the cell.


Suwashsho suudisamme Diramme barenni di"irkidhanno. Bisiccote amadubba suwashshu garinni mereeroho diranturo, Insano borro woy kiirra mereeroho gattanno.

Kiboordete amadamme

Bisiccuwa harisi

Kiboordetenni haawiittimmoota nna caccafoota harisate gadete qineessubba tiranno.


Specifies the value to be used for moving a row.


Specifies the value to be used for moving a column.

Insert cell

Kiboordetenni haawiittimmoota nna caccafoota surkate gadete qineessubba badanno.


Specifies the default value for inserting rows.


Specifies the default value for inserting columns.

Caccafootu/haawiittimmootu akata

Aantino haawiittimmooti woy caccafooti qoleno giddo shae aana hawiittimmootaho woy caccafootaho boode heleelle gumulanno.


Specifies that changes to a row or column only affect the corresponding adjacent area.

Qixxisamme waaxamme

Specifies that changes to a row or column have an effect on the entire table.


Specifies that changes to a row or column affect the table size.

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