LibreOffice Borreesaanchu Doorubba

Kuriu qineessubba LibreOffice giddo kalaqantino borrote bortajubba amadantanno doogo gumultanno. Qoleno xaa borrote bortajera qineessubba tirate dandiinanni. Kalqete qineessubba umi-loosaanchinni suuqantino.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Open a text document, choose - LibreOffice Writer.


Specifies general settings for text documents.


Borrote bortajekki giddo leellanno uduunnichira gadete qineessubba nna qolenohullote miillara gadete qineessubba tiranno.

Suudisamme Uduunne

In LibreOffice text and HTML documents, defines the display for certain characters and for the direct cursor.


Specifies the settings for the configurable grid on your document pages. This grid helps you determine the exact position of your objects. You can also set this grid in line with the "magnetic" snap grid.

Kaimu Borangichubba (Galchimi)

Kaimu borangichubbara qineessubba badanno.

Kaimu Borangichubba (Isiyu)

Isiyu afii irko - Afuu Qineessubba - Afuubba. hundaanni baqisamiroqineessubba kaimu Isiyu borangichubba baddanno

Kaimu borangichubba (CTL)

Xurqa borro ofolla irko - Afuu Qineessubba - Afuubbahundaanni baqisamiro qineessubba Kaimu borangichubba baddanno.


Specifies print settings within a text or HTML document.


Defines the attributes of tables in text documents.


Defines the appearance of changes in the document.


Specifies compatibility settings for text documents. These options help in fine-tuning LibreOffice when importing Microsoft Word documents.

Umi-loosaanchikulaancho borruwa

Umi-loosaanchinni surkamino uduunnira ledaminore kulaancho borrrubba badanno.

Mail Merge Email

Specifies the user information and server settings for when you send form letters as email messages.

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