Suuqamme bortajubbara, weebete amadisiishshubbara, maakiroota amaddino fano bortajubbara agarooshshe tiranno.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose - LibreOffice - Security.

Options Security Dialog Image


Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.

Security Options and Warnings

Opens the "Security Options and Warnings" dialog.

Weebete amadisiishshubba saiqaalla

Horoonsiraanchu su'mira nna sai qaalira shiqinoha dargisate shota injo dandeessate annootto sai qaale ea dandaatto.

Persistently save passwords for web connections

Dandeessamiro, LibreOffice Fayilla weebete owaataanowiinni injeessate horoonsiroottore baala saiqaalla agarooshshu kuusanno. Annootto saiqaale eitto gedensiidi dirtowiinni saiqaalla unte fushsha dandaatto.

Qorophishu Bido

Old configurations may contain weakly encrypted passwords, in this case an infobar is shown when the application starts to prompt to reenter the master password in order to resave them with stronger encryption.

Protected by a master password (recommended)

Check to enable all connections' passwords to be protected by a master password.

Master Password

Eote Annootto Saiqaale Fananno.


Annootto saiqaale xa'manno. Annootto saiqaali gara ikkiro, Kuusamme Weebete Amadisiishshi Hasaawa Leellishanno.

Kuusamino Weebete Amadisiishshi weebete dargubba dirtonna balaxxe einore horoonsiraanchu su'muwa leellishanno. Ayee eubba doorate nna qolteno dirtotewiinni hanate dandaatto. Doorantino eorasaiqaale la"a dandaatto.

Maakirote agarooshshe

Loosammete maakirootubbara agarooshshu deerra taashshi nna halaalancho maakirote borreessaancho badi.

Maakirote Agarooshshe

Opens the Macro Security dialog.

Time Stamp Authority

Time Stamp Authorities (TSA) issue digitally signed timestamps (RFC 3161) that are optionally used during signed PDF export.

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