Application Colors

LibreOffice horoonsiraanchi reqecciimora kuulla qineessanno. Xaa qineessubba kuulu amanyooti gede suuqa nna insanni gedenoonni hogowa dandaatto.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose - LibreOffice - Application Colors.


Kuulu amanyoote

Kuulu amanyootubba suuqi nna huni.


Selects the color scheme you want to use.


Saves the current settings as a color scheme that you can reload later. The name is added to the Scheme box.

Kuulu amanyooti su'ma

Kuulu amanyootira su'ma ei.


Deletes the color scheme shown in the Scheme box. You cannot delete the Default scheme.

Custom Colors

Select the colors for the user interface elements.

To apply a color to a user interface element, ensure that the box in front of the name is checked. To hide a user interface element, clear the check box.

Qaagishshu Bido

Some user interface elements cannot be hidden.

Qaagishshu Bido

To enhance cursor visibility, set the application background color between 40% and 60% gray, it is automatically changed to 40% gray.

Umi loosaanchi kuulu qineesso horoonsiraanchu reqecciimo miilla Kuulu amanyootiwiinni kuula balaxiqineessate soorranno.

Kuulu qineessubba "towaamantino xaadisaano" nna "towatantinokki xaadisaano" Kalaqantino bortajubbara loosantannohu qineessubba loossuhu gedensaanniiti callaati.

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