LibreOfficeXaphooma qineessubba badanno .

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose - LibreOffice - General.

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Bayisantino kaa'lo akatta badanno.

Hala'litino qaccuwa

Wirrisa bidote, mayino hajajo aana woy hasaawu qorqorshi aana woratto woyite kaa'lote borro leellishanno.

Bortajete deerrubba

Attamammete qineessubba "soorrantino bortaje" deerrubba

Specifies whether the printing of the document counts as a modification. When this option is marked, the very next time the document is closed you are asked if the changes should be saved. The print date is then entered in the document properties as a change.

Diro (lame dijiite)

Defines a date range, within which the system recognizes a two-digit year.

LibreOfficegiddo, dirra shoole dijiitubbanni leellitanno, ikkinohura 1/1/99 nna 1/1/01 mereeri badooshshi lame dirooti. Kuni diri (lame dijiitubba) qineessubba horoonsiraanchulame-dijiite barrubba 2000 ledantino dirra tirate fajjanno. Leellishate, 1/1/30 barra badittoro woy gedenoonni, eo "1/1/20" 1/1/1920. roore 1/1/2020 gede afantino.

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