This section contains the default paths to important folders in LibreOffice. These paths can be edited by the user.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose - LibreOffice - Paths.

Choose Tools - AutoText - Path. (autotext only)

LibreOffice Kaa'lantino harumma

To modify an entry in this list, click the entry and click Edit. You can also double click the entry.


The Default button resets the predefined paths for all selected entries.


Click to display the Select Path or Edit Paths dialog.

Eubbate aante Dana caccafo kisatenni soorra dandaatto. Caccafote baqo mawusetenni badaancho caccafootu mereero harisatenni soorra dandaatto.

The {user profile} directory and its subdirectories contain user data.The location of the {user profile} directory is determined when LibreOffice is installed. See the Default location section in the Wiki page about LibreOffice user profile for more information about typical locations of the user profile in different operating systems.

The following list shows the default predefined paths for storing user data, and explains what type of user data is stored in each path. Use the Edit dialog to change, add, or delete paths for the different types.


Default Path


Umikkinni taashshi

Kuni hanqafaanchi umikki AutoCorrect borrubba kuusanno.


Kuni hanqafaanchi umikki AutoText borrubba kuusanno.


Bortajubbanniti hinkiilo umi-loosaanchi donubba konne kuusantino.


This folder stores files with words in your custom dictionaries.


Haaroo cibboolu badhilachu kuulishshubba konni hanqafaanchi giddo kuusantino.


Kuni hanqafaanchigiraafichote hasaawa fanate woy suuqate umo woshshate yannara leellanno.


Konni hanqafaanchi giddo umikki qixxaawubba kuusa dandaatto.

Yannate geeshshi fayilla

Kuni LibreOffice umisita yannate geeshshi faalla woranno dargaati.

Ane Bortajubba

Amuraatikkira gadete bortaje hanqafaancho

Konne hanqafaancho Fani woy Suuqi hasaawa umo woshshatto woyite la'a dandaatto.


LibreOffice reads the TSCP BAF policy from this file.

Internal Paths shows the paths where predefined content for LibreOffice is installed. These paths cannot be edited in this dialog box.

The paths refer to subdirectories in {install}share. These subdirectories are read-only and contain content shown to all users. The location of the {install} directory is determined when LibreOffice is installed.

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