Tini hajajo woyyaabbino pirogiraame qinoora hasaawa fantanno.

Baala qineessubbakki umi-loosaanchinni suuqantino. Eo halashshate tenne eo lameegge-kisi woy ledishshu mallate kisi. Eo hurunsate, xeishshu malaate kisi woyeo lameegge-kisi.


You see only the entries that are applicable to the current document. If the current document is a text document, you see the LibreOffice Writer entry, and so on for all modules of LibreOffice.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

From the menu bar:

From the tabbed interface:

On the top right menu (☰), choose Options.

From the keyboard:

Alt + F12

Options dialog buttons


Save the changes in the page and close the Options dialog.


Close the Options dialog and discard all changes done.


Applies the modified or selected values without closing the Options dialog.


Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.


Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.


Opens the help contents for the Options page displayed.


Use this dialog to create general settings for working with LibreOffice. The information covers topics such as user data, saving, printing, paths to important files and directories.


xaphooma Hogowi/Suuqi qineessubba badanno.

Languages and Locales

Defines the properties for additional languages.

LibreOffice Borreessaancho

Kuriu qineessubba LibreOffice giddo kalaqantino borrote bortajubba amadantanno doogo gumultanno. Qoleno xaa borrote bortajera qineessubba tirate dandiinanni.

LibreOffice Borreesaancho/Weebe

HTML suudishshi giddo LibreOffice bortajubbaara kaimu qineessubba tiranno.

LibreOffice Calc

Defines various settings for spreadsheets, contents to be displayed, and the cursor direction after a cell entry. You can also define sorting lists, determine the number of decimal places and the settings for recording and highlighting changes.

LibreOffice Halcho

haroote kalaqamino shiqishshi bortajubbarababbaxxitino qineessubba tiranno, Law.leella noonsa amadubba, bikkote hooroonsidhino safaro, kaarrimmate diramme hiittoonni loosantinoro.

LibreOffice Misile

Leella noonsaamadubba, horoonsi'nanni bikko, kaarrimma diramme nnagadetenni attamantanno amadubba ledo misilete bortajubbara kalqete qineessubba tiranno .

LibreOffice Shallago

Baala haaroo afirimalu bortajubbara attamate suudishsha nna doorubba badanno. Kuriu doorubba afirimala suwashshu garinniLibreOffice Shallagowiinni loosiisanno.

LibreOffice Base

Defines the general settings for the data sources in LibreOffice.


Defines the general settings for charts.


Specifies Internet settings.

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