Forms Submenu

Contains commands for activate form design mode, enable/disable control wizards and insert form controls in your document.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Tools - Forms.

Design Mode

Toggles the Design mode on or off. This function is used to switch quickly between Design and User mode. Activate to edit the form controls, deactivate to use the form controls.

Control Wizards

Haroo qorqorsha suunqanni yannara kaalamaanchu umisi loosaasinchimmanni hanafaannoro badanno.Tini qineesso kalqoomu deerrinni baalante bortajera loosantanno.

Qorqorshu akatta

Opens a dialog for editing the properties of a selected control.

Formete Akatta

In this dialog you can specify, among others, the data source and the events for the whole form.

Formete Milleessaancho

Formete milleessaancho fananno.Formete milleessaanchi baalanta xaa bortaje uminsa qorqoeshuwa formuwanna cinaancho formuwa fananno.

Activation Order

Opens the Tab Order dialog so you can modify the order in which control fields get the focus when the user presses the tab key.

Bare Ledi

Daata beezete bare ledate woy ripoortete dargi hule, hule fananno.

Akeeku Garinni Fani

Opens forms in Design Mode so that the form can be edited.

Automatic Control Focus

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