Mereggisa Gaxa

Mereggisu gaxi baalunku LibreOffice loosansiiso giddo heeranno.


Creates a new LibreOffice document.

Icon New

New (the icon shows the type of the new document).

Fayile Fani

Opens a local or remote file. Opening multiple files is possible.

Icon Open

Fayiile Fani


Saves the current document.

Icon Save


...Gede Suuqi

Saves the current document in a different location, or with a different file name or file type.

Icon Save as

Gede Suuqi

Email Document

Opens a new window in your default email program with the current document as an attachment. The current file format is used. If the document is new and unsaved, the format specified in - Load/Save - General is used.

Icon Email Document

Email Document

Edit Mode

Enables you to edit a read-only document or database table. Use the Edit Mode option to activate the edit mode.

Edit Mode Icon

Edit Mode

Export as PDF

Saves the current file to Portable Document Format (PDF) version 1.4. A PDF file can be viewed and printed on any platform with the original formatting intact, provided that supporting software is installed.

Icon Export Directly as PDF

Suwise PDF gede soyi

Fayle Noo Raginni Attami

Tenne gadete attami qinaawonni baqqado bortaje attamate Attami Fayle Ragisinni bido qipheessi. Kuni Attamaanchu qinaawo hasaai iima leella dandaanno, Hakkuno attamaaancho qinaawonni mayno hajajo shiqisha dandaattoha ikkanno.

Print File Directly Icon

Print File Directly


Checks the document or the current selection for spelling errors. If a grammar checking extension is installed, the dialog also checks for grammar errors.



AutoSpellcheck Fana/Huna

Umi-loosaanchinni borreessotto garinni fidalsha buuxanno, sorubba xuruuranno.

Automatic Spell Checking On/Off

Automatic Spell Checking On/Off


Removes and copies the selection to the clipboard.

Icon Cut



Copies the selection to the clipboard.

Icon Copy



Inserts the contents of the clipboard at the location of the cursor, and replaces any selected text or objects.

Icon Paste


Formaatete kuulsiishshi burushe

Balaxxe borro woy mottoricho doori,hakkunni gedensaanni tenne bido qipheessi.Hakkunni gedensaanni mittu garinni suudisate wolootu borruwi iimaanni qiphisi woy goshooshi.

Formaate kuulishshu burushe bido mereggisu uurrinshu udiinni gaxa aana qiphisi.


Clone Formatting


Reverses the last command or the last entry you typed. To select the command that you want to reverse, click the arrow next to the Undo icon on the Standard bar.

Icon Undo



Reverses the action of the last Undo command. To select the Undo step that you want to reverse, click the arrow next to the Redo icon on the Standard bar.

Icon Redo



Opens a dialog that enables you to edit hyperlinks.

Icon Hyperlink

Qooli xaadisaancho Hasaawa


Click the Navigator On/Off icon to hide or show the Navigator.


Dooyyisaancho Fani/Huni

Kee'misi& illachu ofolla

Reduces or enlarges the screen display of LibreOffice. The current zoom factor is displayed as a percentage value in the Zoom Slider on the Status bar.



LibreOffice Kaa'lo

LibreOffice Kaa'lo qaru qoolita xaa loosansiisora fananno. Kaa'lo qooli giddoonni qolte goshooshate dandaatto hattono mashalaqqishaanchu qaale woy hasi'ritto borro hasa dandaatto.

Icon Help

LibreOffice Kaa'lo

What’s This?

Enables extended help tips under the mouse pointer until the next click.

Icon “What’s This?”

What’s This?

Hogowi URL

E'ino URL xawisantino bortaje hogowanno. Haaroo URL borreessa, URL suudeessa, woy dirtote mereerinni mitte doora dandaatto. Xaa bortajeta wo'ma ha'ruma leellishanno.

Tugote Bido

Enable Load URL with the Visible Buttons command (right-click the toolbar).

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