Kaa'lote mayino LibreOffice kaa'lo gano hanafattonna qorqoratto assitannohe.

LibreOffice Kaa'lo

LibreOffice Kaa'lo qaru qoolita xaa loosansiisora fananno. Kaa'lo qooli giddoonni qolte goshooshate dandaatto hattono mashalaqqishaanchu qaale woy hasi'ritto borro hasa dandaatto.

Icon Help

LibreOffice Kaa'lo

What’s This?

Enables extended help tips under the mouse pointer until the next click.

Icon “What’s This?”

What’s This?

User Guides

Opens the documentation page in the web browser, where users can download, read or purchase LibreOffice user guides, written by the community.

Tip of the Day

Displays a dialog box with a usage tip. The Tip of the Day contains a collection of tips that helps to better use LibreOffice resources.

Search Commands

Allows to search and execute all commands available in application menus by their names.

Get Help Online

Opens the community support page in the web browser. Use this page to ask questions on using LibreOffice. For professional support with service level agreement, refer to the page of professional LibreOffice support.

Fanqalote dawaro soyi

Horoonsiraano sooftiweerete pirograame so'ro ripoorte assa dandaannowafanqalote dawaro forme weebete soroowaanchi giddo fananno.

Restart in Safe Mode

Safe mode is a mode where LibreOffice temporarily starts with a fresh user profile and disables hardware acceleration. It helps to restore a non-working LibreOffice instance.

Get Involved

Opens the community Get Involved page in the web browser. The page describe areas of interest where you can collaborate with the LibreOffice community.

Donate to LibreOffice

LibreOffice is Free Software and is made available free of charge.

Your donation, which is purely optional, supports our worldwide community.

If you like the software, please consider a donation.

Fajjootu Mashalaqqe

Displays the Licensing and Legal information dialog.

LibreOffice Afansha

Displays the CREDITS.odt document which lists the names of individuals who have contributed to source code (and whose contributions were imported into LibreOffice) or LibreOffice since 2010-09-28.

Yanneessate Buuxi

Enable an Internet connection for LibreOffice. If you need a Proxy, check the LibreOffice Proxy settings in - Internet. Then choose Check for Updates to check for the availability of a newer version of your office suite.

LibreOffice daafire

Xaphooma pirogiraamete mashalaqqe hakkuno laalchu kiironna hinkiiliqoosso leellishanno.

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