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Attamaanchu qineessubba soorramme

In the Print dialog or the Printer Settings dialog, select the printer from the printers list box and click Properties. The Properties dialog appears containing several tab pages. This is where you can make settings that are used according to the PPD file of the selected printer.

Faakisete assiishshima horoonsira

If you have installed fax4CUPS on your computer you can send faxes with the LibreOffice software.

A dialog prompting you for the phone numbers to send the fax to will appear after the printout when printing to a fax4CUPS printer. Multiple numbers can be entered separated by ;

In LibreOffice you can also activate an icon for sending faxes to a default fax. To do this, choose Tools - Customize - Toolbars, click Add Commands and add from "Documents" the Send Default Fax icon. You can set which fax is used when this button is pressed under - LibreOffice Writer - Print.

Mitte mittente fakisera mitte addi attamo kalaqate qaagi, ikka hoogiro, umi adhaanchi baalanta faakise adhanno. Uduunnu -Sokka qacce hasaawi giddo Attamaanchu dooro doori nna aanchite Tircho attamo loossa buuxote saaxine doori.

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