Inserting Non-breaking Spaces, Hyphens and Soft Hyphens

Ta'inokki fooquwa

To prevent two words from being separated at the end of a line, hold down the and the Shift key when you type a space between the words.


Calc giddo, ta'inokki fooquwa surka didandaatto.

Non-breaking hyphen

An example of a non-breaking hyphen is a company name such as A-Z. Obviously you would not want A- to appear at the end of a line and Z at the beginning of the next line. To solve this problem, press Shift++ minus sign. In other words, hold down the Shift and keys and press the minus key.

Replacing hyphens by dashes

Seeda daashshuwa eate, Uduunne - AutoCorrect Doorshubba- Doorshubba Daashshuwa riqiwi dooro afira dandaatto. Tini dooro en-daashsha woy em-daashshenni mitto woy lame xeishshu malaatta riqiwanno (LibreOffice Kaa'lo)lai.

Ledote riqiwubbara Uduunne - AutoCorrect Doorshubba- Riqiwihundaanni riqiwubbate shae lai. Konne dandiittoha ikkiro, wolootu mereerinni, wolu borangichi giddonni nafa umi loosaanchinni muraasa daashshotenni riqiwi.

Soft hyphen

To support automatic hyphenation by entering a soft hyphen inside a word yourself, use the keys +minus sign. The word is separated at this position when it is at the end of the line, even if automatic hyphenation for this paragraph is switched off.

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