Suudishshu kuuli-burushenni sonubbate galchamme

Use the Clone Formatting tool to copy formatting from a text selection or from an object and apply the formatting to another text selection or object.

  1. Suudisammessi glchate hasiratto borro woy uduunnicho doori.

  2. On the Standard Bar, click the Clone Formatting icon. The mouse cursor will change to a paint bucket.

  3. Loosaansate hasiratto suudisammera borro woy uduunnicho doori woy kisi.


If you want to apply the formatting to more than one selection, double-click the Clone Formatting icon Icon. After you apply all the formatting, click the icon again.

Gadetenni fikiimu suudisamme calla galchantino ; borgufote suudisamme ledate, kisatto wote worora amadi. Borgufote suudisamme calla galchate, +Shift kisatto wote worora amadi.


In Calc, the Clone Formatting tool only copies formatting applied using the Format - Cells dialog or other equivalent methods. Therefore, any formatting applied directly to characters by selecting text inside a cell and then going to the Format - Character dialog will not be copied using the Clone Formatting tool.

The paragraph formats are the formats applied to the whole paragraph. The character formats are those applied to a portion of the paragraph. For example, if you apply the bold format to a whole paragraph the bold format is a paragraph format. Then if you unbold a portion of this paragraph, the bold format is still a paragraph format but the portion you unbold has a "not bold" character format.

Aantanno shae suudisammete sonubba suudishshu kuuli-burushe galchama dandiitannota xawissanno:

Doorshu Dana


Doraminori dino, ikkollana wirrisu borote niwaawe gidoonni no

Borrote du'namme ragi giddo aananno fikiimi xaa borgufo nna fikiimi suudisamme galchanno.

Borro doorantino

Gofimarchoho doorantino fikiimi nna fikiima amaddino borgufo suudisamme galchanno.

Xiyyo doorantino

Copies the frame attributes that are defined in Format - Frame and Object - Properties dialog. The contents, size, position, linking, hyperlinks, and macros in the frame are not copied.

Uduunnichu dooramino

Suudishshu - Giraaficho woy Suudishshu - Misile Uduunnichi hasaabba giddo tiraminoha uduunnichu suudisamme galchanno. Uduunnichu giddo amadubba, bikka, ofolla, xaadisamme, qoolixaadisaano, nna maakirootu digalchamino.

Suudu qorqorshi dooramino


Misile uduunnichi dooramino

Baala suudisammete akatubba galchanno. Dhagefachishu nna misilete giddo, uduunnichunniti borrote amadubbano galchantino.

Calc giddo bisiccooti doorantino


Borreessanchu shae woy bisiccooti doorantino

Suudisamme Suudishshu - Shae hasaawi giddo shaubbate, Borrote Du'namme, dannubbate, nna badhiidi giggishshu gaxi qoollagalchanno. Borgufo nna fikiimu suudisammeno doorantino.

Calc shae woy bisiccooti doorantino

Copies cell formatting specified using the Format - Cells dialog.

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