Shaete Akata

This section contains information about how to create a new database table in the design view.

Haaroo shae hasiratto darga daatubeezeta daatubeeze shae fani. Click the Shaubba bido kisi. Haaroo shae kalaqate Akatu Illachi giddo Shae kalaqi doori.

Akatu illachi giddo, shaekkira barubba kalaqa dandaatto.


Each field can only accept data corresponding to the specified field type. For example, it is not possible to enter text in a number field. Memo fields in dBASE III format are references to internally-managed text files which can hold up to 64 kB text.

Mitte mittente barera doorshu Xawishsha ea dandaatto. Borrote xawishshi shaete illachi giddo caccafote umaalluwa aana birxete garinni shiqanno.

Barete akatubba

Mitte mittente doorantino daatu barera akatubba ei. Daatu dani garinni, boode eote injubba leella hooga dandiitanno.

Ayee haroo mareekora Gadete Hornyo saaxine giddo gadete amadubba ei. Kuriu amadubba gedenoonni muccisantannota ikka noose.

Eote shiqo saaxine giddo, bare mulla gatanna hoonge badi.

Hojjate saaxinera, xaadi saaxine noo doorshubba aate leellitanno.

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