Formete meemonni hasamme

  1. Daatubeeze barubba amaddinota formete bortaje fani.

    As an example, open an empty text document and press + Shift + F4 keys. Open the bibliography database table biblio in the data source view. While pressing Shift+, drag a few column headers into the document so that the form fields are created.

  2. On the Form Controls toolbar, click the Design Mode On/Off iconIcon to turn off the design mode.

  3. On the Form Navigation toolbar, click the Form-Based Filters iconIcon. The current document is displayed with its form controls as an empty edit mask. The Form Filter toolbar appears.

  4. Mittu woy batinyu barubbara meemoote ikkitubba ei. Qaagi meemoote ikkitubba batinye barubbara eittoro, baalunku eote ikkitubba fiixooma noonsa (Bullu AND).

More information about wildcards and operators can be found in Query Design.

Formete meemoo uduunnigaxi aana Loosaansi Forme-Gari Meemoo bido kisittoro, meemooloosu aana hossanno. Formete Doysaanchi uduunnigaxa la"atto nna afantino maareekkuwa giddoonni soroowa dandaatto.

Formete Meemoo uduunni gaxi aana,Cufi ilka kisittoro, forme meemiiweello leellitino.

Click the Apply Filter iconIcon on the Form Navigation toolbar to change to the filtered view.

The filter that has been set can be removed by clicking Reset Filter/Sort iconIcon.

Meemoote doyisaancho horoonsira

Shaubbate hasamme nna Formete Bortajubba

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