Misilete uduunne Wolootu bortaje giddora Hinkiilamme

LibreOffice Giddo borrote, isipiriidishittuwate nna shiqishshubbate mereero misilete uduunne hinkiila dandiinanni.

  1. Misilete uduunne woy uduunnicho doori.

  2. Lawishshaho +C horoonsiratenni Misilete uduunnicho kilippiboordete hinkiili.

  3. Wole bortajera xoyiisi nna wirrisa misilete uduunnichi surkama noosi darga wori.

  4. Lawishshaho +V horoonsiratenni Misilete uduunnicho surki.

Bortajete giddora surkamme

An inserted drawing object is anchored to the current paragraph. You can change the anchor by selecting the object and clicking the Change Anchor icon on the OLE Object toolbar or the Frame toolbar. This opens a popup menu where you can select the anchor type.

Isipiriidishittete giddora surkamme

Surkamino misilete uduunnichi muli bisiccora dagaadamino. Uduunnicho dooratenni nna Dagacho Soorri bido Bidokisatenni dagacho bisiccote nna qoolu mereero soorra dandaatto.

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