Bisiccuwate giddo Xuruuru Taubba Surkamme

Xuruuru taubba LibreOffice Calc isipiriidishitte bisiccuwa surkamme

To insert a line break in a spreadsheet cell, press the +Enter keys.

Kuni bisiccote giddo borrote muccisi wirrisinni calla loosanno ikkinnina, eote xuruurinni diloosanno. Ikkinohura umo bisicco lameegge kisi, aanchite xuruuru tao hasiratowa borrote darga mitteegge kisi.


You can search for a newline character in the Find & Replace dialog by searching for \n as a regular expression. You can use the text function CHAR(10) to insert a newline character into a text formula.

Umisinni loosanno xuruuri qorophishshira LibreOffice Calc bisiccuwa suudisamme

  1. Umisinni loosanno xuruuru tao hasiratota bisiccuwa doori.

  2. Choose Format - Cells - Alignment.

  3. Borro Umi loosaanchinni Xallidoori.


    For automatic wrapping in XLS files, the rows in question should be set to Optimal Height.

Borrote bortaje shaubba LibreOfficeBorreesaanchi giddo xuruuru taubba surkamme

To insert a line break in a text document table cell, press the Enter key.

Umi loosaanchi xuruuru taubba mitte mittente bisicco goofimarchi geeshsha borreessamme loosantanno.

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