Borraangichiloosi uduunnicho fanatto woyite Borraangichiloosi uduunni-gaxi fanamanno.

Borraangichiloosi Cibboola

Icon Fontwork Gallery

Opens the Fontwork Gallery where you can select another preview. Click OK to apply the new set of properties to your Fontwork object.

Borraangichiloosi Suude

Icon Fontwork Shape

Borraangichiloosi Suudi uduunni-gaxa fananno.Suude baalu dooramino Borraangichiloosi uduunnira loosiisate suude qiphisi.

Borraangichiloosi Mittu gari Fidalla Hojja

Icon Fontwork Same Letter Height

Dooramino Borraangichiloosi uduunne rosaminohunni mittu dani hojja baalu uduunnira cufatenna fanate soorramaasincho wori.

Borraangichiloosi Diramme

Icon Fontwork Alignment

Borraangichiloosi Diramme xullaallo fananno.

Click to apply the alignment to the selected Fontwork objects.

Borraangichiloosi Fikiimu Foonqe

Icon Fontwork Character Spacing

Select the character spacing values to apply to the Fontwork object.

Custom: Opens the Fontwork Character Spacing dialog where you can enter a new character spacing value.

Value: enter the Fontwork character spacing value.

Toggle Extrusion

Icon Toggle Extrusion

Switches the 3D effects on and off for the Fontwork objects.

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