The Tools menu of a database window.


Opens the Relation Design view and checks whether the database connection supports relations.

Horonsiraanchu gashshote

Daatubeeze konne akata irkisuro horoonsiraanchu gashooti hasaawa fananno.

Shaete Meemo

Opens the Table Filter dialog where you can specify which tables of the database to show or to hide.

Meemo dirto giddo meemiisate hasiratto shaubba doori.

Masalaalete giddo sammote rooriidi shae dooritoro, masalaalete giddo baala shaubba doorantanno.

Masalaalete giddo woriidi deerri shae dooritoro, masalaalete giddo aleenni noo shaubba didoorantanno.


SQL coyifooliishsho ea dandaatto darga SQL fananno.

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