Mashalaqisaanchu akata

The Index Design dialog allows you to define and edit the indexes for the current table.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

In a database file window, click the Tables icon. Choose Insert - Table Design or Edit - Edit.

Shaete Akata

Mashalaqisaanchu dirto

Displays a list of available indexes. Select an index from the list to edit. The details of the selected index are displayed in the dialog.

Haaroo Mashalaqqisaancho

Haaroo mashalaqqisaancho kalaqanno.

Xaa Mashalaqqisaancho Huni

Xaa mashalaqqisaancho hunanno.

Xaa Mashalaqqisaanchi Su'ma soorri

Xaa mashalaqqisaanchi su'ma soorranno.

Xaa Mashalaqqisaancho Suuqi

Daatu bue giddo xaa mashalaqqisaanchi suuqanno.

Xaa Mashalaqqisaancho Marqineessi

Hasaawu hanafamanno yannara qinaawora xaa mashalaqqisaancho marqineessanno.

Mashalaqqisaancho tirtishshubba

As soon as you change a detail of the current index and then select another index, the change is immediately passed on to the data source. You can only leave the dialog, or select another index, if the change has been successfully acknowledged by the data source. However, you can undo the change by clicking the Reset Current Index icon.


Xaa mashalaqqisaanchi baxxitino hornyubba calla fajjinota badanno. Baxxinodoorshi Barete giddora balaxe eino daati batisamannokki gede hoolanno nna daatu karisamme buuxanno.


Kuni Barubbate qarqari xaa shae giddo barubbate dirto leellishanno. Qolteno batinye barubba doora dandaatto. Doorshuwiinni bare kayisate, dirtote hanafora mullicho eo doori.

Mashalaqisaancho bare

Xaa shae giddo barubbate dirto leellishanno. Qolteno mittu aleeni bare doora dandaatto.

Diru aante

Determines the sort order of the indexes.


Hasaawa cufanno.

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