Formubba noo daatubeeze umma shotunni eate woy muccisate kaa'litanno.


Formete Qorqorshubba

The Form Controls toolbar provides the tools required to create a form in a text, table, drawing, or presentation document.

Akatu Moodde giddo Forme

Akatu moodde giddo, formete akatama nna formete akatta nna giddose amadantino qorqorshubba tirantino.

Hasi Maareekko

Searches database tables and forms. In forms or database tables, you can search through data fields, list boxes, and check boxes for specific values.

Diramino nna Meemiissamino Daata

Horoonsiraanchu moodde giddo forme fanatto yannara uduunnigaxu giddo diru nna meemoote assiishshubba afiratto.

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