Euro soorraanchi Kaa'laancho

Converts the currency amounts found in LibreOffice Calc documents and in fields and tables of LibreOffice Writer documents into euros.

Cufantino fayiilla calluwu soorrantino. Ikiiron, Euro sooraancho fano LibreOffice Calc bortaje giddo horoonsirate dandiinanni. Konni kaiminni, badamino hasaawi fanamino. Kuni hasaawi tenne kifile goofimarchira xawino.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose File - Wizards - Euro Converter.

Qorophishu Bido

Awurooppu gobbuwa womaashshu mittimma beeqqitanno gobbuwa womaashshuwa callu soorramino.


Tircho LibreOffice Calc bortaje

Converts a single LibreOffice Calc file. To convert fields and tables in LibreOffice Writer, first mark the Also convert fields and tables in text documents check box.

Wo'ma furcho

Converts all LibreOffice Calc and LibreOffice Writer documents and templates in the selected directory.


Specifies the currency to be converted into euros.

Bue furcho / Bue bortaje

Indicates the directory or the name of the single document to be converted.


Opens a dialog to select the desired directory or document.

Cinaancho hanqaafaano amadino

Specifies whether all subfolders of the selected directory are included.

Qolteno borrote bortajubba giddo barubba nna shaubba soorri

Converts currency amounts found in fields and tables of LibreOffice Writer documents.

Qorophishu Bido

Borrote bortajubba giddo hornyuwa barubbate woy shaubbate giddo nooyikkiti disoorrantanno.

Yannate geeshsha xa'mo nookkiha agarantinokki shitte

Specifies that sheet protection will be disabled during conversion and thereafter re-enabled. If sheet protection is covered by a password, you will see a dialog for entering the password.

Gawalote furcho

Specifies the folder and path in which the converted files are to be saved.


Opens a dialog in which you can select a directory to hold the converted files.


Closes the Euro Converter.


Activates the help for the dialog.


Starts the conversion.

Soorrammete yannara, qoolu woyaanbete deerra leellishanno.


Returns to the first page of the Euro Converter.

If the current document is a LibreOffice Calc document or template, you can call up the Euro Converter using the corresponding icon in the Tools bar. This icon is hidden by default. To display the Euro Converter icon, click the arrow at the end of the Tools bar, select the Visible Buttons command and activate the Euro Converter icon.


Euro sooraancho

Kuni Euro sooraancho hasaawi aananno assiishshubba amadino:

Eote bortaje

Converts the entire document.


Specifies the currency to be converted into euros.


Konni hakka geeshshi giddo soorra hasiratto bisiccuwa doori, giddo eote bortajemalaatisoottokkiro saaxine buuxi. Dooro doorte nna aanchite misilla / womaashshu hakka geeshshuwabare giddo hasiroottota qiphisi. Doorantino hakka geeshshuwi bortajete giddo leellanno. Soorramme harisate soorri.

Bisiccote akatubba

All cells with the selected Cell Styles are converted.

Xaa shitte giddo womaashshu bisiccuwa

All currency cells in the active spreadsheet will be converted.

Xaa eote bortaje giddo womaashshu bisiccuwa

All currency cells in the active document will be converted.

Doorantino hakka geeshsha

All currency cells in the range selected before the converter was called will be converted. All cells must have the same format so that they can be recognized as a selected range.

Misilla / Womaashshu hakka geeshshuwa

Displays the ranges to be converted from the list.

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