Borrote Kaa'laanchiwa - Soyinnohunna Adhannohu

Specifies the sender and recipient information.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose File - Wizards - Letter - Recipient and Sender.

Soyinnohu teesso

Specifies your address information.

Qolantino teessora horoonsiraanchu daata horoonsiri

Use the address data from LibreOffice - User Data in the Options dialog box.

Haaroo soyinnohu teesso

Use the address data from the following text boxes.


Specifies the name of the sender.


Specifies the street address of the sender.

Poositu koodde/Qoqqowo/Katama

Specifies the address data of the sender.

Adhannohu teesso

Adhannohu teesso mashalaqqe badanno.

Adhannohu teessora dargu amadaano horoonsiri

Specifies that placeholder fields are inserted into the letter template.

Sokkate qaccera teessote daatu kaima horoonsiri

Address database fields are inserted into the letter template.

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