LibreOffice giddo xaphooma muraasu qulfubba

Qaagishshu Bido

Deskitoppekki amuraatira mite mite muraasu qulfe ofoltano.Deskitoppete ofoltino qulfe LibreOfficera dino.Babaxitino qulfe LibreOffice, uduunchuwa - rosicheesa - Keyboardra, woy deskitoppeki amuraati giddo ofoshiishate wo'naali.

Muraasu qulfubba horoonsira

A great deal of your application's functionality can be called up by using shortcut keys. For example, the shortcut keys are shown next to the Open entry in the File menu. If you want to access this function by using the shortcut keys, press and hold down and then press the O key. Release both keys after the dialog appears.

Pirogiraamekki loosiisatto woyite, baala loossa leeltanno gede mawuse woy kiboorde horoonsidhe mereero doora dandaatto.

Entering Unicode Characters

You can enter arbitrary Unicode characters in the document typing the Unicode hexadecimal code point and then pressing (default). Type the Unicode hexadecimal notation and press to toggle between the Unicode character and its hexadecimal notation. Selection is not necessary but the conversion will apply to the selected characters. Toggling occurs on the characters prior to the cursor position when these characters form a valid Unicode hexadecimal point. Hexadecimal code points with value in the range U+0000 to U+0020 are not converted.

The default Unicode conversion shortcut is and in some locales where the default Unicode shortcut interferes with the main menu shortcut. To reassign the shortcut, choose Tools - Customize - Keyboard and select Category:Options with Function:Toggle Unicode Notation.

Hasaawubba Qorqorate Muraasu Qulfubba Horoonsira

There is always one element highlighted in any given dialog - usually shown by a broken frame. This element, which can be either a button, an option field, an entry in a list box or a check box, is said to have the focus on it. If the focal point is a button, pressing Enter runs it as if you had clicked it. A check box is toggled by pressing the Spacebar. If an option field has the focus, use the arrow keys to change the activated option field in that area. Use the Tab key to go from one element or area to the next one, use Shift+Tab to go in the reverse direction.

Pressing Esc closes the dialog without saving changes.

Mawusete loossara muraasu qulfubba

If you are using drag-and-drop, selecting with the mouse or clicking objects and names, you can use the keys Shift, and occasionally to access additional functionality. The modified functions available when holding down keys during drag-and-drop are indicated by the mouse pointer changing form. When selecting files or other objects, the modifier keys can extend the selection - the functions are explained where applicable.

Loosu Borro Eo Barubba

  1. Roore yanna kaa'litannore boode hajajubba amaddinota eigaru mayino fana dandaatto.

  2. Use +A to select the entire text. Use the right or left arrow key to remove the selection.

  3. Qaale doorate lameegge-kisi.

  4. Borrote eo bare giddo saseege-kisa eote bare doortanno. Borrote bortaje giddo saseege-kisa xaa coyi fooliishsho doortanno.

  5. Use +Del to delete everything from the cursor position to the end of the word.

  6. By using and right or left arrow key, the cursor will jump from word to word; if you also hold down the Shift key, one word after the other is selected.

  7. INSRT is used to switch between the insert mode and the overwrite mode and back again.

  8. Goshooshi-nna-woriborrote saaxine giddo nna gobbaanni kaa'la dandaanno.

  9. The +Z shortcut keys are used to undo modifications one step at a time; the text will then have the status it had before the first change.

  1. LibreOffice has an AutoComplete function which activates itself in some text and list boxes. For example, enter into the URL field and the AutoComplete function displays the first file or first directory found that starts with the letter "a".

  2. Use the Down Arrow key to scroll through the other files and directories. Use the Right Arrow key to also display an existing subdirectory in the URL field. Quick AutoComplete is available if you press the End key after entering part of the URL. Once you find the document or directory you want, press Enter.

Tiramme maakiroora

If you want to terminate a macro that is currently running, press +Shift+Q.

LibreOffice giddo xaphooma dirto muraasu qulfubba

The shortcut keys are shown on the right hand side of the menu lists next to the corresponding menu command.

Qorqorshu hasaawubbara muraasu qulfubba

Muraasu qulfubba


Ei qulfe

Activates the focused button in a dialog.


Looso woy hasaawa gudanno. LibreOffice Kaa'lo giddo ikkiro: aleege mitto deerra haranno.


Hasaawu giddo illacishantino buuxote saaxine laddanno.

Worbichu qulfubba

Hasaawaho doorshu kifile giddo baqqado qorqorshu bare soorranno.


Hasaawu giddo illacha aantanno kifilera woy miilira lupheessanno.


Hasaawu giddo illacha aantanno kifilera woy miilira harisanno.

+Woro Worbicho

Opens the list of the control field currently selected in a dialog. These shortcut keys apply not only to combo boxes but also to icon buttons with pop-up menus. Close an opened list by pressing the Esc key.

Bortajubbate nna hullote qorqorammera muraasu qulfubba

Muraasu Qulfubba



Bortaje fananno.


Xaa bortaje suuqanno.


Haaroo bortaje kalaqanno.


Opens the Templates dialog.


Bortaje attamanno.


Hasi uduunnigaxa baqqisanno.

Hasi & Riqiwi hasaawa woshshanno.


Goofimarchu haso yannara einoha hasanno.


Borrote illacha duu'misanno.


Nabawa-calla borro giddo doorshu wirrisa dandeessanno woy dandiiweelsanno.

LibreOffice Kaa'lo: qara kaa'lo qooliwa kubbanno.


Turns on Extended Tips for the currently selected command, icon or control.


Sets focus in next visible subwindow, including menu bar, toolbars, windows such as Sidebar and Navigator, and document canvas/data source.


Illacha albiidi cinaancho hullo giddo qineessanno.


Sets focus in the document canvas/data source.


Activates the first menu (File menu).


Eigaru mayino fananno.


Docks and undocks floating subwindows such as unlocked toolbars, Sidebar and Navigator.


Shows/hides main menu.

+F4 woy +F4

Closes the current document. Closes LibreOffice when the last open document is closed.


Pirogiraame fushshanno.

Bortajubbate muccisammera woy suudisammera muraasu qulfubba

Muraasu Qulfubba



Umaallu hanafora heeriro, giggishshu surkamanno.

Ei (OLE uduunnichi dooramiro)

Dooramino OLE uduunnicho baqqisanno.

Ei (misilete woy borrote uduunnichi dooramiha ikkiro)

Borrote eo gara baqqisanno.


Doorantino miilla mure fushshanno.


Dooramino uduunne hinkiilanno.


Kilipiboordetenni qa'misanno.


Kilipibordetewiinni suudisantinokki borro qa'misanno. Borro surkishu bixxille aani suudishsha horoonsiratenni qa'mantanno.


Baxxinoha Qa'misi hasaawa fananno.


Baala dooranno.


Gofimarchu looso diloosanno.

Gofimarchu looso wirro loosanno.


Goofimarchu hajajo marro qolanno.


The "Italic" attribute is applied to the selected area. If the cursor is positioned in a word, this word is also marked in italic.


The "Bold" attribute is applied to the selected area. If the cursor is positioned in a word, this word is also put in bold.


The "Underlined" attribute is applied to the selected area. If the cursor is positioned in a word, this word is also underlined.


Removes direct formatting from selected text or objects (as in Format - Clear Direct Formatting).

Ciboolu giddo muraasu qulfubba

Muraasu qulfubba



Dargubbate mereero haranno.


Moves backwards between areas.

Shortcut keys in the New Theme area of the Gallery:

Muraasu qulfubba


Ali Worbicho

Doorsha alira harisanno.

Woro Worbicho

Doorsha worora harisanno.


Opens the Properties dialog.


Eigaru mayino fananno.


Doorantino qixaawo haaroonsanno.


Eote Umi hasaawa fananno.


Doorantino qixaawo hunanno.


Inserts a new theme.

Shortcut keys in the Gallery Preview area:

Muraasu qulfubba



Umi eowa kubbi.


Goofimarchu eowa kubbi.

Gura Worbicho

Guraanni aananno Cibbooli miila dooranno.

Qiniiti worbicho

Qiniiteenni aananno Cibbooli miila dooranno.

Ali Worbicho

Aleenni aananno Cibbooli miila dooranno.

Woro Worbicho

Woroonni aananno Cibbooli miila dooranno.

Qoola Alira

Scrolls up one screen.

Qoola Worora

Scrolls down one screen.


Dooramino uduunnicho xaadino uduunnichi garinni xaa bortajera surkanno.


Dooramino uduunnichi hinkiilo xaa bortajera surkanno.


Umo Ei hasaawa fananno.


Qixxawubate illacha nna uduunichu illacha xaadisanno.


Qixxawubate illacha nna uduunichu illacha xaadisanno.


Qixxawubate illacha nna uduunichu illacha xaadisanno.

Step backward (only in object view).

Badhe qaru illachi ledo xaadisanno.

Selecting Rows and Columns in a Database Table (opened by +Shift+F4 keys)

Muraasu qulfubba



Muccisi gari giddo hedhanno haawiittimma aguranna hawittimmate doorsha laddanno.


Toggles row selection.


Selects the current column.

+Qoola Alira

Moves pointer to the first row.

+Qoola Worora

Moves pointer to the last row.

Misilete Uduunnira Muraasu Qulfubba

Muraasu qulfubba


Select the toolbar with F6. Use the Down Arrow and Right Arrow keys to select the desired toolbar icon and press +Enter.

Misilete Uduunnicho Surkanno.

Select the document with +F6 and press Tab.

Misilete Uduunnicho dooranno.


Aanannoha Misilete Uduunnicho Dooranno.


Balaxinoha Misilete Uduunnicho Dooranno.


Umiha Misilete Uduunnicho Dooranno.


Gofimarchunniha Misilete Uduunnicho Dooranno.


Misilete Uduunnichi Doorsha Gudanno.

Esc (Kasu Doorshi Gari giddo)

Exits Handle Selection Mode and return to Object Selection Mode.

Ali/Woro/Gura/Qiniiti Worbicho

Moves the selected point (the snap-to-grid functions are temporarily disabled, but end points still snap to each other).

+Ali/Woro/Gura/Qiniiti Worbicho

Moves the selected drawing object one pixel (in Selection Mode).

Resizes a drawing object (in Handle Selection Mode).

Rotates a drawing object (in Rotation Mode).

Opens the properties dialog for a drawing object.

Dooramino misilete uduunnichira bixxilete Doorshu gara baqqisanno.


Selects a point of a drawing object (in Point Selection mode) / Cancel selection.

Doorantino bixille mitte sekondeni miteegge huxidhano.


Selects an additional point in Point Selection mode.


Selects the next point of the drawing object (Point Selection mode).

In Rotation mode, the center of rotation can also be selected.


Selects the previous point of the drawing object (Point Selection mode)


Haaroo misilete uduunnichi gadete bikkanni xaa illachira mereeroho ofollino.

+Enter at the Selection icon

Bortajete giddo umiha misilete uduunnicho baqisanno.


Leaves the Point Selection mode. The drawing object is selected afterwards.

Edits a point of a drawing object (Point Edit mode).

Ayee borrote woy kiirote qulfe

Misilete uduunnichi dooramiro, muccisi garira xaadisanno nna wirrisa misilete uduunnichi giddo borrote gofimarchira woranno. Attamamanno fikiimi surkamino.

qulfe giraafichote uduunnichi kalaqamme woy bikkamme geeshsha

Uduunnichunnihu mereeri darga qixxisamino.

Shifitequlfe giraafichote uduunnichi kalaqamme woy bikkamme geeshsha

Uduunnichu baqo hojjate waaxo qixxisantino.

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