Surkote Gara

Displays the current insert mode. You can toggle between INSRT = insert and OVER = overwrite.

Click in the field to toggle the modes (except in the LibreOffice Basic IDE, where only the Insert mode is active). If the cursor is positioned in a text document, you may also use the Insert key (if available on your keyboard) to toggle the modes.




Surkote gari giddo,haaroo borro wirsaasinchu ofollara e'e nna aantanno borro qiniitiwidira soorrantanno.Wirsaasinchu hossimmote xuruuri gede ikke leellanno.


Hunte wori gari giddo albaanni noo borro haaroo borronni riqiwantanno. Wirsaanchu du'mu hossichu xuruuri gede ikke darga aguranno.

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