Hasi Maareekko

In forms or database tables, you can search through data fields, list boxes, and check boxes for specific values.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Find Record icon on the Table Data bar and Form Design bar.

Find Record Icon

Hinkiilo hasi'ri

Shae hansanni wotexaa shae daati baruwi hasamanno. Formete giddo handanniwote formete ledo xaaddino shae daati bare hasantanno.


The search described here is carried out by LibreOffice. If you want to use the SQL server to search in a database, then you should use the Form-based Filters icon on the Form bar.

Hasate assooti hattono shaete qorqorshirano afamanno. Shaete qorqorshinni hasi assoote shiqinshanni wote, mitte mittente shaete caccafo daatabeezete ledo xaadu hee'rannoete daata beezete shae hasa dandaatto.


Hasate dana badanno.


Hasi qaale saaxinete woy dirtote giddonni doori eessi. Wirsaasinchu hundi borro wonanni xaadi saaxinete giddora hinkiilamino. Formete giddo hasi ha'rinsanni wote, giggishuwanna xuruuru tao assante didandiitanno.

Your search terms will be saved as long as the table or the form document is open. If you are running more than one search and you would like to repeat the search term, you can select a previously used search term from the combo box.

Barete amado NULL te

Daata amaddinokki bare afantannota badanno.

Barete amado NULL dikkitinno

Daata amaddino bare afantannota badanno.

Hasate darga

Hasate baruwa badanno.


Hasatto assantannowita korkaataancho forme badanno.


Formete xaadi saaxine leella dandaantannohu xaa bortaje formete bortaje ikkite mittete ale korkaataancho forme nooseta ikkitorooti. Hasattote woy xa'muwate yannara dileeltanno.

Formete bortaje miteekkite baca korkaataancho forme afidhara dandiitanno. Kuri mitte formete ganaasineeti, mitte mittenti shaete ledo xaaddinoreeti.

Formenniti xaadisaaxine qorqorshu hee'rannonsare baalanta korkaataancho su'muwa kamaltanno.

Baala Baruwa

Baalante baruwi giddoonni hasanno. Hasatto shaete giddo assantanni nooro, shaete giddoti baalanti baruwi roorrisantanno. Hasatto formete giddo assitanni noottoro baalanti korkaataancho forme (Formete Hunda e'inoti) qoroorrantanno. Hasatto ha'rissanni noottohu shaete qorqorshi bare giddootiro, baalanti caccafuwi addimmaanchu daatibeeze shae bare ledo xaaddinoti qoroorrisantanno.

Wodancha hasiissannori xaa korkaataancho forme baruwi formete bortaje baruwi ledo mittu danire ikka dihasiissanno. Formete bortajebaca daati bue widira mi'lissannore (hakkurino, bacca korkaataancho formuwa) amaddinoha ikkiro, Baalu Baruwi doorto formete bortajera daatu bue ledo xaaddanno baruwa callate hasanno.

Tircho bare

Badantino data bare giddoonni hasanno.


Hasatto qorqorate ofolla xawisanno.


Hasattote yaatto nna barete amado mereero hee'ranno xaadoodhdhe egensiisanno. Aantanno doorto heedhannoreeti:

barete giddo baxi darga

Barete giddo hasate dirto amaddino baruwa hasi'ni darga qolanno.

barete kaima

Barete giddo hasate dirto amaddino baruwa barete umi addira qolanno.

barete jeefo

Barete jeefora hasate dirto amaddino baruwa baala qolanno.

baalanti bare

Hasate dirto amaddinota baalanta baruwa barete amadora garu xaadooshshi gede asse qolanno.


Dannawu shallagote xawishshi buuxishshu saaxine malaatisantinotero, kuni assooti dileellanno.

Barete formaate loosaansi

Xaa bortaje giddo hasatto assantanno wote baalante bare formaate hedote amadanatnnota gumulanno. Barete formaate aantanno dandoo horoonsi'ne kalanqoonniti baala leelladote:

  1. shaete giddo barete akatta akeeki gari

  2. daatu bue illachi aana caccafote suudisamme,

  3. formete giddo qorqorshu akatta.

Loosaansi bare formaate saaxine malaatisantinotero, shaennihu daatu bue illachi woy forme hasantannohu (qoroorrisantannohu) suudisote qinoowaati. Saaxine malaatisama hoogginoro, daata beeze hasantannohu daata beezete giddo suuqantino suudissonniiti.


You have a date field, which is saved in "DD.MM.YY" format in the database (for example, 17.02.65). The format of the entry is changed in the data source view to "DD MMM YYYY" (17 Feb 1965). Following this example, a record containing February 17 is only found when the Apply field format option is on:

Assoonsi bare formaate

Hasi diramme


"Amma" dawaramanno, "2" ikkikkinni.


"2" dawaramanno, "Amma" ikkikkinni.

Hajajaminohu kayinni duuchawote hasattohu barete suudisso horoonsi'ratenniiti.

Aantanno lawishshuwa leellishshannohu dandaantanno hajo barete suudissoweelo hansanniwoteeti. Kuri hajo horoonsi'noonni daata beeze kaimita ikkite gumulantino giddoodi gade suudissora calla kalaqantannote:

Hasate gumma


"5" returns "14:00:00" as a time.

Time fields are not defined for dBASE databases and must be simulated. To internally display the time "14:00:00", a "5" is necessary.

"00:00:00" returns all records of a standard date field.

Daatabeeze giddooyidi barru hornyo kuussannohu xaadisamino barra/yanna bare horoonsidheeti.

"45.79" diqoltanno "45.79" baalante bare doorto doorantinohu illachi Ofollate hundaati.

The view shown does not match what is stored internally. For example, if value "45.789" is stored in the database as a field of type "Number/Double" and the shown formatting is set to display only two decimals, "45.79" is only returned in searches with field formatting.

Konni garinni, mereggisa suudiso goddoodonni kuusamino daata la'anno suudissooti. Tini duucha wote horoonsi'raanchoho leeltannota dikkitono, addintanni daatu dana lawisate horoonsaminoha ikkiro (lawishshaho, daata beezete dBASE yanna baruwi giddo). Kuni kaima assi'rannohu horoonsamino daata beezenna mitto mittonku daati danaati. Bare suudissonni hasi'ra gara ikkitannohu hasate hasi'roottuhu addoomunni leellonoha ikkiro callaati. Kuni yannate baruwa, Barra, yanna, Barra/yanna, nna kiiro/ Marro gedee baruwaati.

However, searching without Apply field format is appropriate for larger databases with no formatting issues, because it is faster.

Kulaancho saaxine hornyo hasaanni noottoha ikkiro, hakkunni ledo Assoonsi Bare formaate fa'nante nooro, hakkunni gedensaanni malaatisantino kulaancho saaxinera "1" afi'ratto "0" malaatisantinokki kulaancho saaxinnara, hattonni fano naanni fikkiima xawisaminokki (sasihimma) kulaancho saaxinna. Hasatto Hunira qinaabbino Assoonsi bare formaatenni assantinoha ikkiro, gadete afi irki'raancho hornyo "TRUE" woy "FALSE" leeltannohe.

Dirtote saaxinna giddo hasatto wote Assoonsi bare formaate horoonsi'rittoro, dirtote saaxinnara reqeccishantino borro afi'rattoha ikkanno. Assoonsi bare formaate horoonsi'ra hoogittoro, mereggisa bare formaate ledo xaaddanno amado afi'ratto.

Fidalla fiixoonsi

Jajjabbanna manaadda hasattote yannara hedote amaamase badanno.

Badhillitte hasanno

Hasate ha'rinso noowa qoli raginni ikkannota badanno, jeefote maareekkonni umi maareekkowa.

Sammotenni / lekkaallidinni

Marro qole hasanno. Umi maareekkonni albira qole marro hasanno. Badhillite hasatto jeefote maareekkonni marro qole hasanno.

Dannawa shallagote handaara

You can use the following wildcards:

Dannawa kaarduwa




ilaamaanchote mitte roorritte fikkima

"?loopy" "Floopy" widira soorranno

"M?ller" lawishsha Miller nna Moller widira soorranno


0 te woy roortanno roorrooti fikkiimuwira

"*-*" "ZIP-Drive" nna "CD-ROM"

"M*er" "M" hanafantannota baalanta eo nna "er" nni jeeffannota (lawishshaho, Miller, Moller, Mother widira qolanno)

If you want to search for the actual characters ? or *, precede them with a backslash: "\?" or "\*". However, this is only necessary when Wildcard expression is enabled. When the option is not enabled, the wildcard characters are processed like normal characters.

Rosamino yaatto woro

Searches with regular expressions. The same regular expressions that are supported here are also supported in the LibreOffice Find & Replace dialog.

Rosantino yaattonni hasa. Dannawa kaarduwinni hasantenni roore doodho uyitanno rosantino yaatto woronni hasittoro, aantanno fikkiimuwi hakkuri dannawa barenni horoonsantinotewa xaaddanno:

Dannawa yaatto woronni hasi

Rosantino yaattonni hasi





Shota hasatto

Find terms that are similar to the Find text. Select this checkbox, and then click the Similarities button to define the similarity options.

Match character width (only if Asian languages are enabled)

Distinguishes between half-width and full-width character forms.

Sounds like (Japanese) (only if Asian languages are enabled)

Lets you specify the search options for similar notation used in Japanese text. Select this checkbox, and then click the Sounds button to specify the search options.

Sets the search options for similar notation used in Japanese text.

Taalu gede awuuti

Specifies the options to be treated as equal in a search.


Specifies the characters to be ignored.


Deerru xuruuri leellishanno maareekko hasatenni kamballissinote. Hasatto shaete jeefote geeshsha iillituro (woy hanafo) hasatto umi loosaasinchimmatenni wole jeefora sufantanno.

In very large databases, finding the record in reverse search order can take some time. In this case, the status bar informs you that the records are still being counted.


Hasatto nyaaunni jeeffuro, shaete giddo lasaabbanno bare kuulisantanno. Hasi ilka galagalte qipheessatenni hasatto suffe ha'risa dandaatto. Aguri ilka.


Hasaawa cufanno. Jeefote hasatto ofolla LibreOffice gudde uurrisatto geeshsha suuqantanno.

Fakkana sha'a woy formuwa fa'nantinoha ikkiro, mitte mittente bortajera babbaxxannoha hasattote doodho qineessi'ra dandaatto. Bortajuwa cufattowote calla bortajete hasatto doodho jeefote cufantinoti suuqantanno.

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