Formete Akatta

In this dialog you can specify, among others, the data source and the events for the whole form.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Open context menu of a selected form element - choose Form Properties.

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Akattate hasaawo giddo daata surkittoro baci-xuruuri eo ikkitino dirrisaancho xaadi saaxinera eadandiitanno. Tini baalanta SQL assaawe fooliishsho ea dandiitanno baruwa baala la'annote, hattonni borrote saaxinna akatta woy somaasine bare. Kuri baruwa fante ka'e fa'nantino dirto borro surka dandaatto. Aantanno muraasi qulfuwa addimmaanote:



+Down Arrow:

Opens the combo box.

+Up Arrow:

Closes the combo box.


Haaro xuruura surkanno

Up Arrow

Wirsaasincho albi xuruuri giddo woranno.

Down Arrow

Wisaasincho albisufi xuruuri giddo woranno.


Barete giddo eo gudise wirsaasincho albisufi barewa massanno.

As with list boxes or combo boxes, you can open or close the list with a mouse click at the arrow on the right end of the field. However, the input here can be entered either in the opened list or in the top text field. An exception is the properties that expect a list representation, for example, the property "List Entries", which can be set for the control fields List Box and Combo Box. Here, you can only edit the entries when the field is opened.



Daatu giggishsho qooli formete ledo xaadanno akatubba xawisanno.

Database Form Events

The Events tab page, allows you to assign a macro to certain events which occur in a database form.

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