Shaete qorqorshira baxxitino maasso

Shaete qorqorshira maareekkuwa reqeccishate hasi'ritto garinni tira dandaatto. Wole yaattonni daatu baruwa reqeccishate woy daata beezete gede muccisate daatu baruwa horoonsi'ra dandatto.

Aantanno baruwi shaete qorqorshi giddo dandaantannoreeti: borro, barra, yannanna womaashshu bare, kiiraano baruwi, dirammete bare, kulaancho saaxine nna xaadisaaxine. Xaaddino baruwi barra/yanna la"annohunni, lame caccafo umiloosaasinchimanni kalaqantanno.

Doorantino xuruurra kiiro, baxxutino doorantinoro, xaphoomu maareekkote kiiro gedensaanni gombote malaati giddo heedhanno.

Caccafo shaete qorqorshi giddora surkate, caccafote umma aana qipheesse eigari mayno alira abbi. Aantanno hajajuwa afantannoreeti:

Caccafo suuqi

Cinaancho mayno doorate daatu bare shaete qorqorshi ledo xaadisate shiqishanno.

Goshooshi naa wori shae qorqorsha horoonsidhe qineessi:Daatu bue soroowaancho fante hasantanno baruwa daatu bue soroowaanchi giddonni caccafote umma widira goshooshi. Balaxi-qineesso caccafo kalaqantanno.

Nni riqiwantanno

Shaete qorqorshi giddo dooramino daati bare riqiwate daatu bare cinaancho mayno fananno.

Huni caccafo

Xaata doorantino caccafo hunanno.


Doorantino caccafo hasaawo akatta fananno.

Caccafuwa maaxi

Doorantino caccafo maaxanno. Akattase disoorantanno.

Caccafuwa reqeccisi

Calls a submenu where you can select the columns to show again. To show only one column, click the column name. You see only the first 16 hidden columns. If there are more hidden columns, choose the More command to call the Show Columns dialog.


Leellishi Caccafo hasaawa abbanno.

In the Show Columns dialog you can select the columns to be shown. Hold down the Shift or key to select multiple entries.


Click All if you want to show all columns.

Keyboard-only control of Table Controls

If you use the keyboard only to travel through controls in your document, you will find one difference to the other types of controls: the Tab key does not move the cursor to the next control, but moves to the next column inside the table control. Press +Tab to move to the next control, or press Shift++Tab to move to the previous control.

To enter the special keyboard-only edit mode for Table Controls:

The form document must be in Design mode.

  1. Press +F6 to select the document.

  2. Press Shift+F4 to select the first control. If the Table Control is not the first control, press Tab until it is selected.

  3. Press Enter to enter the edit mode. The handles are shown farther out from the control border.

  4. In the edit mode, you can open the edit mode context menu by pressing Shift+F10.

  5. If you want to edit columns, press Shift+Space to enter column edit mode. Now you can rearrange the order of columns with +Arrow keys. The Delete key deletes the current column.

  6. Press the Esc key to exit the edit mode.

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