Seedishsha yanneessa

Click the Check for Updates button in the Extensions dialog to check for online updates for all installed extensions. To check for online updates for only the selected extension, right-click to open the context menu, then choose Update.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Tools - Extensions, click Check for Updates button.

Qiphi assatto wote Ilka yanneessakki buuxi woy doori Yanneessate hajaji,Seedishshu yanneessa hasaawi leellishamannohunna yanneessate hee'ro buuxo hakkawotenni hanaffanno.

yanneessate buuxatto wote, ha'rinshote leellishaancho la"atto. hasaawu giddo sokka leellisha geeshsha agari, woy yanneessate buuxo mirciishshate huni qiphisi.

Yanneessa hoogguha ikkiro, hasaawu giddo noo sokka kultannohehu yanneessa nookkitaati. hasaawa cufi.

Yanneessa nooha ikkiro, yanneessa hakkawotenni bayisiisama dandiitanno, woy mitu assootinni ati dawaro qola hasiissannohe:

Seedishshu yanneessa hasaawi eo amadara dandaanno, hattino doodhinannikkitenna umi-loosaancho yanneessa nookkita ikkitara dandiitanno.

Bayisiisate ilka qiphisatto wote hogowatenna bayisiisate hasaawi leellanno.

Baalunku seedishshi suwashshunni hogowama dandaannohu hogowamino. Albillichu ha'risho leeltannohu hogowatenna bayisiisamate hasaawiraati. Seedishshu hogowama hoogiro, sokka leellishantanno.Assootu gatino seedishshira albisufamanno.

Some extensions may be marked with the phrase “browser-based update”. These extensions cannot be downloaded by the Extensions dialog. A web browser must be opened to download the extension update from a particular web site. That site may require several more user interaction to download the extension. After downloading you must install the extension manually, for example by double-clicking the extension's icon in a file browser.

For extensions marked as “browser-based update”, the Extensions dialog will open your web browser on the respective web site. This happens when you close the dialog, after downloading any other extension updates. If there are no extensions which can be directly downloaded then the web browser is started immediately.

Goofimarchu seedishshi hogowamihu gedensaanni, bayisiisa hanafantanno. Baalunkura albaanni bayisiinsoonni seedishshubba yanneessa wo'munni wo'ma hogowantinohu,buqqisantanno. Hakkunni gedensaanni yanneessantino seedishshubba bayisiisantanno. Miteekke so'ro kalaqanturo, bayisiisama hoogate sokka leellishamantannno. Ikkollana, assootu albisufamanno.

Baalantiyanneessa hadhuha ikkiro hogowanna bayisiisate hasaawi leellishannohu goofasiiti. Hogowatenna bayisiisate hadhinsho mirciishsha dandaattohu Yanneessa Mirciishshi ilka qiphisatenniiti.

Baalanta Yanneessa leellishi

Gadetenni, hogowamaanchu seedishshi calla hasaawu gidd0 leellinshoonni. Baalanta Yanneessa leellishi wole seedishshanna so'rote sokkaqole la"ate malaatisi.

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