Haaroo mayino

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Tools - Customize - Menus tab, click the hamburger Icon Hamburger menu dropdown menu and choose Add.

Mayino su'ma

Mayino su'ma eessi. Fidala su'misenni xawisate fiigisaancho qulfe gede, shiikkote malaate(~)fidalete albaanni eessi .

Mayino bayicho

Doorantino mayino eomitto bayicho ale qolte kayisi woy woro qolte mitto mayino giddo kayisatto wote worbichu ilka qiphisi.

Up and Down arrow buttons

Click on the Up or Down arrows on the right to move the selected command upward or downward in the list of displayed menu commands.


You can drag and drop the selected command to move it to the position you want.

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