Cinaancho mayino addi hajajonni afoo doodha dandaattowa fani.

Hangul/Hanja Conversion

Converts the selected Korean text from Hangul to Hanja or from Hanja to Hangul. The menu command can only be called if you enable Asian language support under - Language Settings - Languages, and if a text formatted in Korean language is selected.

Chayinu coyi'ramme

Converts the selected Chinese text from one Chinese writing system to the other. If no text is selected, the entire document is converted. You can only use this command if you enable Asian language support in - Language Settings - Languages.


Opens a dialog box to replace the current word with a synonym, or a related term.

Roore Borqaalla Xaadooshshu giddonni

Gadete soroowaancho borqaallu seedishshi qoolira fani.

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