Suudishshanna loosansa hasi'ratto borrangicho xawisi.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Format - Character - Font tab.

Choose View - Styles - open context menu of an entry and choose Modify/New - Font tab.

Open context menu of a row header in a database table - choose Table Format - Font tab.

Choose Format - Title - Character tab (Chart documents).

Choose Format - Legend - Character tab (Chart documents).

Choose Format - Axis - Character tab (Chart documents).

Xaa doorshira soorro wo'munku qaali wirsa amadinohura woy haaroo borro borreessoottotera loosaansisantanno.

Afiikki qineesso aana irki're, suusishsha soorra dandsaattohu aanannoborrangichi daniraati:


To enable support for complex text layout and Asian character sets, choose - Language Settings - Languages, and then select the Enabled box in the corresponding area.

Font dialog


Bayisiinsoonni borrangicho su'ma heroonsi'ra hasi'roottoha eessi, woy dirtote giddonni borrangicho doori.

You can see the name of the fonts formatted in their respective font if you mark the Show preview of fonts field in LibreOffice - View in the Options dialog box.

Bido suudamete gaxira:


Borranguchu Su'ma

Fikiimu dana

Loosiinsate hasi'rootto suudishsha doodhi.

Bido suudamete gaxira:

Icon Bold


Icon Italic


Baqo /hala'linye

Loosaansa hasi'roottoha borrangichu baqo doodhi. Soorramaanchu bikki borrangicho, tonnishshu waaga eessa dandaatto.

If you are creating a style that is based on another style, you can enter a percentage value or a point value (for example, -2pt or +5pt).

Bido suudamete gaxira:


Afoo fidalete buuxaanchi doorantino borrora woy borreessatto borrora horoonsidhatoha qineessi. Noo afii mojuulubba albansaanni buuxote malaati noonsa.

If the language list consists of an editable combo box, you can enter a valid BCP 47 language tag if the language you want to assign is not available from the selectable list.

For language tag details please see the For users section on the web site.


Fidaletebuuxo hasiissanno afuu mojule bayisiisatto woyite assiishshaho calla afoo dooranno. Hakko afiira fidalishu buuxo baqisanturo borangichu giddo afuu eo buuxote malaate afidhino.

Font Features

Select and apply font typographical features to characters.

Balaxileelishate bare

Displays a preview of the current selection.


Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.


Saves all changes and closes dialog.


Qiphisa Huni hasaawa mitte sooro suuqitokkini cufi.

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