Allows a user to insert characters from the range of symbols found in the installed fonts.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose Insert - Special Character.

On the Standard or the Insert bar, click


Addi Fikiima

When you click a character in the Special Characters dialog, a preview and the corresponding numerical code for the character is displayed.


Addi fikiima leellishate borrangicho isi ledo ikkannoha doodhi.

Cinaancho gambooshshe

Xaa borrangichira Unicode fuulla doodhi.Dooramino Unicode fuullira addi fikiimi fikiimu shaera leellishamanno.

Fikiimu Shae

Click the special character(s) that you want to insert, and then click Insert.

Recent Characters

Displays the special characters that were inserted recently.

Favorite Characters

Displays the special characters that were chosen with the Add to Favorites button. Up to 16 special characters can be saved as a favorite.


Double-click on a special character will insert it into the document.

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