Saves and organizes multiple versions of the current document in the same file. You can also open, delete and compare previous versions.

Tene hajajo injeesate...

Choose File - Versions.

Qorophishu Bido

If you save a copy of a file that contains version information (by choosing File - Save As), the version information is not saved with the file.

Haaroo borro

Haaroo borro bortaje suuqate doorshsha qineessi.

Haaroo borro suuqi

Saves the current state of the document as a new version. If you want, you can also enter comments in the Insert Version Comment dialog before you save the new version.

Borrote hedo eessi

Enter a comment here when you are saving a new version. If you clicked Show to open this dialog, you cannot edit the comment.

Cufatto wote ganyite borro suuqi

Borrokkira soorro assittoha ikkiro, LibreOffice bortaje ccufatto wote hakkawotenni haaroo borro suuqi .

Bortaje angatenni cufattoha ikkiro,bortaje suuqitto gedensaanni soorritooti,qolteno cufi, haaroo borro dikalaqantanno.

Noo borro

Xaa bortaje noo borro dirto, insa kalaqantu barrinna yanna, borreessanchunna ledose hedo diri.


Hasaawa cufe baala sooro suuqi.


Opens the selected version in a read-only window.


Doorantino borrora baalanta hedo leellishi.


Doorantino borro huni.


Compare the changes that were made in each version. If you want, you can Manage Changes.

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